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Man Beats Cancer with Holisitic Approach

Obviously, this can’t be true because he bucked the system and decided to control or cure his disease through other methods. Nature can’t be beat by synthetic drugs. Don’t forget to let the hate out.

Chris Wark beat his cancer by undergoing surgery.

Bro, that’s impossible.

Oh, look, he’s a piece of shit:


So he is lying? He will, this month, release his 10 part docu-series explaining how he did it. So we shall see. Do you have any proof of his surgery? Also I didn’t know surgery, by itself, could cure cancer.

You didn’t even watch the fucking video you posted. He talks about his surgery extensively, beginning around the 2:30 mark.

What is with you? I mean seriously, what the fuck dude?


My wife was diagnosed with stage 4 brain cancer 3 years ago. She quit chemo after the second treatment because it made her sick. She focuses on her spiritual life and has made many changes in our diet. Her last several scans showed no living cancer cells in her head. Cancer doesn’t kill people, chemo and radiation kills people.

Genuinely happy for you and your wife

This is nonsense.

Does surgery by itself cure cancer?

No way dude. Only synthetic drug cocktails can help people not natural things. Big Pharma needs to make it’s billions.

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Well what do ya know.

Lol, dude, whatever. Get your vax truther shit out of here.

So he makes money from the system. You don’t think that effects his opinion and slants his articles in favor of pharmaceuticals? It is much easier to face down people who aren’t familiar with the system.

Your anti-vax, anti-common sense, anti-science nut jobs make money by being against the system. Don’t you think that affects their opinion and slants their articles in favor of the quackery you’re all about?

It’s way easier to prey on gullible morons.


This, right there, ought to end pretty much all of these conversations.

Every single famous anti-vaxxer / anti-Pharma-er is making money off that. They are all selling books, products, their appearance on radio, tickets to hear them speak, etc. Somehow they escape the #profitz criticism that always gets chucked at people who practice actual evidence-based medicine.


Brah, they’re like just fighting the good fight against the man, brah.

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Yes, I can tell by the posts of the many posters on this thread.

As usual you don’t get the system. What are the anti-pharma groups doing that can help force people to take their natural remedies? Do they have an influence on the FDA? Are the leaders of this movement in positions of power in the system? Do they have very lucrative positions awaiting their lackeys in the FDA?

Why are you anonymously posting on the internet and not out front of a cancer treatment center, telling everyone how much smarter you are than their oncologists?

Why not warn all of those people in-person, and give them this vital medical advice you believe will produce better outcomes?

And why not do it in the tone you take here?

I’m sure everyone waiting for their chemo appointment in the lobbies would LOVE to know that their oncologist spent 12 years of their life in school and in residency so they could fleece their terminally ill patients and end their life prematurely.

They probably don’t know about the system like you do. Why don’t you tell them how corrupt it is, and be sure to let them know how virtuous whatever quack you point them to is.

Hey, you could find a guy who is so sick he can only stomach ice cream, and then tell him how much better he’d be doing if he just ate more kale.

Tell them about how great pot is. Find some story on natural news about a person who says they smoked their cancer away. It’ll go over great. Those sheep need to get woke.

Go on Zep. Show your face in public and start up with all of the bullshit you spout on the internet. Be a hero to all of these poor fools seeking cancer treatment from oncologists.

Let us know how that goes.


There are plenty of people more knowledgeable than I who are already doing this. The school of oncologists are funded and canvased by whom? My friends wife is an ER doctor and how many times they were invited out for nice dinners by pharmaceutical reps. And these invitations were probably on the lower end of the spectrum of goodies offered by Big Pharma.

Knowing about the system is obvious. Just look at their corporate charters for 1 aspect.

Pot ought to be a choice the public has but if it were up to Big Pharma they wouldn’t have this option. Monopolies always want to limit liberty of choice.

Tell me the obvious benefits of restricting this choice that I’m missing?

Maybe you should stand outside dispenceries and tell them of the hucksterism they have bought into and to leave their placebo world and come get poisoned by chemo and burned by radiation. You sound like an American politician who would be telling the truth. After that you can ask them how they like paying about twice as much as anyone else for mediocre to poor outcomes. And this system isn’t run primarily for profits.

By my count about 7,531,025,780 give or take.

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