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Man Attacked on DC Subway



A girl attacked a man unprovoked on a subway. In this instance, do you believe the man would be justified to have used force, even deadly force?

I carry, so anyone, male or female that attacks me in public can expect to get a fatal dose of lead poisoning.


Maybe not deadly force but I would've fucked that bitch up. But since its a black girl and hes a white guy he should've fucked her up and ran.


I found this humorous: "Caution: Contains Regular and Ebonic Profanity"

I believe in self defense.

I also believe in helping people out, especially if that means calling 911.

I can see how the event must have been bewildering for the guy.


I'd like to think, as a decent bystander, I would have intervened...the shit was ridiculous

hard to tell sometimes though, cause you dont know the back story...did he drop the N bomb on her and lead to her tirade? Never know....

strange too because l'enfant isn't that ghetto of a metro stop...im surprised there weren't more white people there, truthfully...

Anyways, if I was the guy, I probably would have immobilized her and gotten my ass out of there...shitty situation though....hope they catch them...


I hate to say this, but if this had been some white teens attacking a black person, it would be national news with Al and Jesse leading marches.


I don't fuck with people out in public. Period. I don't fuck with people in general. Period. So if a bunch of black chicks started trying to make a dick out of me in front of the world, if ANYONE started trying to make a dick out of me in front of the world, they'd get a face full of wasp and hornet spray and my steel toe in their guts before they could even finish the word "CRACKER!"

Yes, I carry wasp and hornet spray. Yes, I would recommend any student or traveler with a bag do the same. No permit required, exposure to the eyes requires chemical neutralization, and with even a miniscule amount of that sticky yellow foam shit in your eyes you will be blinded and in excruciating pain until you get it out. Water won't help either.

(Plus you got a stream of like twenty feet to work with too.)


I'd have seriously injured someone if I was there.
Black or white, it isn't right tp fuck with people in public.

But again, we don't know the full story, maybe it was provoked and that part is not being told.

EDIT: That site sounds a bit full of hate...


Did anyone else scroll down and see the pregnant girl get attacked on the subway? That shit is fucked up. If I ever saw anyone attacking a pregnant girl woman or not I would beat the fuck out of them.

I'm in class and couldn't use the sound..was that guy who stepped in her bf?


Man this kind of shit bothers me. It makes me think of my mother or father getting harrased, or even my wife (who I firmly believe would have none of that though) Or even worse one of my kids.

I think the guy showed restraint...I also think he was shocked and probably a little scared.

If this was me....shit I expect to be treated with respect and courtesy just as I treat them....with that being said I know my emotions would take hold and the fuckstumps recording the incident would have to call the cops on me...she wouldnt stand a chance, and would regret ever using me as a mark

Its a horrible commentary on humanity however...When I was a knuckle head kid I did stupid shit....but never would I deliberately try to embarass or hurt someone who didnt deserve it...hope this broad gets this shit done to her 10 times over.


That was her boyfriend...another horrible commentary on humanity

In one instance you can hear someone say "shes pregnant" and then one of the attackers say "we didnt hit her in the stomach." just depressing


Hey How's it trollin', HeadHunter? Isn't this profile of yours supposed to be a black guy? Getting confused there, old man?


This is one of many reasons why constitutional carry should be allowed. I bet if that man had been carrying a pistol that would be the ultimate crime in the eyes of DC police.


Well if that is her bf then he is the biggest fucking coward I've ever seen on screen...hands down.

If my girlfriend was ever assaulted when she was pregnant carrying my child all fucking hell would break loose. No exageration there either...even if it meant spending a couple of years in prison thats a whole lot better then having a baby born with problems because someone disgusting excuse for a human being hit the mother. Jesus what a fucking pussy I'm actually more disgusted with the bf then with the black chicks who attacked her. And believe me I feel as though those woman should of been arrested for attempted murder


It probably comes from years of indoctrination that guys shouldnt hit females under any circumstances.


DC doesn't have a subway :wink:


I would have kicked her in her FUPA.


I guarantee if the white guy had knocked the black girl out, all those black guys standing around saying "Awwww shittt, white boy crazy" would have jumped on his ass.


Strictly in self-defense, sure. But deadly force? No, unless there was good reason to believe your own life was in danger (like she's got a gun or a knife).

The exception would be if she's on top of you having sex when she suddenly sprouts fangs, revealing herself to be some kind of vampire or demon, and she tries to use said fangs to bite your jugular. Then you would be fully justified in kicking her off you and straight into the nearby fire, after which you should thank Crom you made it out of her lair alive.


I know that the laws say you are required to retreat and what not, but shit, the few times I've been jumped it just goes straight to maximal damage and disfigurement.

Can't say that situation would get any other response from me than that. Thats the main reason that I Don't carry a gun.


Dude, you got issues. I swear this is just you trying to start another "Is it ever ok to hit a woman" thread.