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Man Arrested Trying to Save His Dog



At least she gave them a hug.


So, why'd they arrest him?


idk, is it law you can't verbally chew out an officer? what he was saying wasn't even bad. the kids and wife(?) were worse.


I would have beat the hell out of the cops,
thank you this is just another way for me to loose my faith in humanity and the police.

I share the feelings of the people in the video FUCK THE POLICE

Wilson is facing charges of failure to obey a lawful order and obstruction of police and fire operations

there was no police operations these lazy scared bitches did nothing.


Probably for failure to comply or some other shit that lets cops be able to tell you what to do.

They didn't have to arrest him. They could have just cuffed him, waited for the rescue guys to arrive, then let him go on his way.

Granted it was a pretty emotionally charged situation, and you can't blame a guy for trying to save his dog.

To haul him off to jail while his dog is still in the water was pretty bad.

At least it ended well, but that situation got more heated than it needed to be.

Fuck the news crew too. Thats part of the reason why I can't watch the news in the morning w/o being sent into a rage that lasts half the morning.


I agree with this too, the news are first on some really bad scenes and they do nothing but watch and giggle like children.
This is not in this video but its a general comment.

If I was hurt or in trouble I wouldnt care who helps me as long as someone steps up, just like I would step up if someone else was hurt or in trouble.

Not being macho I would have helped the guy get his dog if I could.

its called being a decent human being.


Ugh. Stupid white trash. That fat woman was annyoing as hell, I would have tossed her fat ass in the water. Fat floats, so if anyone could have saved that dog it was her.

All I could think about was what that dog must have been thinking. Something like: "Hey everyone, I'm going to DIE if you don't do something."

I am so relieved that the dog was saved. Poor thing.


he got cuffed for refusing to OBEY like a dog.

the government like usual thinks they know what is best for us. Trying to protect us from ourselves.

I find it awesome the dog biting the guy.
The dog sees its owner get tackled and hauled away so naturally the dog becomes enemies of the ones trying to save it. Priceless.


As much as I hate those police officercs for hauling him off to jail they were right in stopping him from going into the lake. I didn't hear them say they had those ice surfers on the way either, in that case they're genuine assholes.

In case they did say help was coming, then if he wanted to rescue the dog himself he wouldn't wait 30 minutes until the newsteam and some cops arrived. He'd either storm in quickly or wait until they got him up.

So I'll assume they didn't let him know and the family and newsteam did the wrong thing by not knocking those officers down the water after the dog was up.

That is one badass dog though, totally calm going up to the family and then waiting for the fat mom when she turns back. If I was in ice cold water for half an hour I'd run home fast as hell for some heat.


On another note, who the hell is that in your avatar? =P


What a White trash family. ha ha ha. That was hilarious. Yeah those cops are dicks.... not. There is a camera guy there. They can't let the guy jump in there and die. People are fucking stupid.


Cops did the right thing. Anyone who disagrees is WRONG.

He asked the cops "why did you show up then?" and I am thinking "To stop your dumb ass from ending up in the lake."

Cannot risk it to save a dog. Even with the gear, the rescuer ended up in the water. You don't know what will happen. The guy could have been pulled in, had heart attack, anything could happen.

If it was a child though, tie the jackets together to make a line you can pull the guy out after the guy jumps/falls in trying to get the kid. Of course, kid would be dead a helluva lot quicker than Super Dog there.


he might have a hottie in his avatar, but that just means he thinks better with his small head.


Very few things make me as upset as it does to watch those cops tell him to stand away from the ice. If my dog was in freezing water, I would have no problem whatsoever causing a great deal of injury to whatever civil servant that tried to stand in my way.

I'm not anti-cop or anything, some of my best friends are law, but I wouldn't have any problem hurting the dumbass that tried to stop me from going to my baby, badge or no badge.

On another note, white trash pretty much does sum up the rest of the family.


Brenda Lynn. She looks quite a bit better in this picture than any other I could find of her. She still looks amazing though.

Edit: http://www.bustyskinny.com is nice for finding avatars. Kind of sums up my preference in women too.

And Carlitosway, I totally agree. It would be much easier if they just told him that. Then it'd be okay to handcuff him if still would try to run. Arresting him though I deem excessive.


I think the cops didn't really handle that professionally. If you know you've got specialists coming. Why couldn't that have been the first thing out the mouth of any one of those policemen.

How fucking hard is it to sit a guy down and calmly say "We have our guys coming with the equipment needed ASAP". Instead of being dicks and saying "This is all your fault!" like some messed up parent talking to a small child.

I love dogs and I've had dogs that would die for me If I was in any sort of danger. Yeah risking your life for an animal is a bit extreme. Yet showing how much your care about your companion is not.


bless your heart, you're a kind person.


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