Man Above Thread 3.0

^Can pick his Uncle’s stains out of a crowd of stains.

^ Does it by taste.

^judges by how it feels in his anus

^ checks taste as well for the hell of it

Checks other Uncle’s stains for taste.

^ Is unoriginal & doesn’t know to use ^.

^Is the ^Police

^Remembering the good ol’ days of when he was cavity searched, sans glove.

^ creates the stains.

^ prefers the taste of the stain

^ Forest Gump ^^ Karl Childers.

^ may not be a smart man, but knows what love is…

^has a shrimp cock… Tail

^ likes his shrimp cock… Tail with extra tarter sauce, as it reminds him of his dirty uncles “secret” visits.

^prefers the shrimp cock…tail over the bearded clam

^ thinks hes cool cause he started the third version of this thread, but his cock is the size of a shrimp.

^ Jealous that someone ran with his idea.

^ wishes he were able to have an original idea

^thought it was original when ^^ rimmed his cinnamon ring

^Didn’t care about originality as long as his cinnamon ring was glazed next.