Mammoth Strength Challenge

Mammoth strength challenge in Kentucky this weekend. I’m going to be there competing in 175 open. Any chance anyone else is going to be there? FYI you can watch online, but note the Pro side of the show got canceled.


Too short of notice for me but will for sure have to make it next year.

Have you competed at this event before?

Nope. This is only my second contest. Chose it because it’s super heavy.

I won’t be there but I know a couple of guys that will be there. It’s a heavy ass show on dirt, good luck, and be cautious, I’ve known several people that have gotten injured at that show due to the floor.

I don’t mean to jinx you, but I certainly believe you deserve a heads up. Also, I’ve never heard anything good about David Waters. I don’t know him and I’ve never had a run in with him, but just heard a lot of not so good things

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Yup. I’ve been training in the mud and snow. My plan is to stay controlled and not rush.

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I’ll be there 50 over but I’ll be competing with the 40’s masters

I don’t like the floor either it’s like sawdust

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light or heavy weight? Light weight and I’m assuming we’ll be in the same group.

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Yeah we will be in the same group. I’ve had to drop out the last 2yrs for sickness.

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Just a quick post about this weekend in anyone was interested. Had a blast. Met some cool people (watched holyrolla get robbed of an awesome deadlift). I was very happy with my performance on pretty much every event. Won my class (only 2 of us after a 3rd missed weight, but I expect that’s what happens with a show this heavy). I also beat most of the lightweight novice and lightweight masters with a 56 pound disadvantage. Got a cool trophy and better memories. Already making plans for a next one.


Good shit @DoubleDuce you said this was your first show? It was an awfully heavy show for a first show haha

Comp write up:

Cut wasn’t too bad. No liquid or food for 24 hours and I weighed in at 175.0 without any sauna.

Event 1:

Press medley: 190 log, 190 axle, 170 mouser, 215 viking AMRAP

Log and axel went up easy. The mouser was a lot taller and more awkward than what I practiced with and I had a hard time finding the balance. First press attempt I was about to lose it, but I managed to re-rack it without putting it down (and only slightly smashed my face). Dipped again, but wasn’t tight. 3rd dip and press found the balance and locked it out. Only had a few seconds left and managed 4 on the viking before time expired for a score of 7. Very happy with this, not much I’d do different.

Event 2:

Deadlift into farmers: 505, 275 a hand for 50 feet (straps allowed on both because of how slick the farmers handles were)

Pull was nice and smooth, farmers was quick once I got my straps tight. I think figure 8 straps would be quicker and more secure. I also lost probably a half second when I started to run to the wrong end for the farmers. Still happy with 36.16 seconds.

Event 3:

Sandbags over bar: 30, 35, 40 over 14 feet

I got impatient on the 40 pound bag, pulled early and threw it straight into the wall. Took my time on the next throw and got it over. Just need to be a little more patient with the heavier bags and use more of a highland games technique than strongman.

Event 4:

Wheelbarrow 550 for 50 feet:

Felt like less than 550 in hand. The surface made steering a challenge once up to speed, but it went pretty smoothly. Only thing I might try is a staggered stance pick to make my start a bit quicker. Very happy with 9.57 seconds.

Event 5:

Carry medley 240 natural, 240 atlas, 250 mouser, 250 husafell each 50 ft any order, score for total distance

Plan was husa-natural-mouser then anything left on atlas. Husa was easy. Took a while to find the balance on the natural stone. Picked it, but when I went to lap it I tried to toss it into my lap and ended up dumping it. I only needed one more implement to win the event, so I ran back down to the other end and did the mouser. Back to the natural stone and took a while to find the balance again. Picked and lapped it, but only had a few seconds so I took off with it in my lap. Probably not the smartest idea, but I got 9 feet before time expired and I bit the dust. 109 total feet. Learned not to try to toss and catch a natural stone with awkward balance points. I’ll make sure not to let go of my grip points until I have it lapped.

Videos below.


Second comp. I’m better statically than moving, so it suited me.

I also ended up liking the format too. Everyone on working through on one event from light to heavy made timing predictable. Head to head was also more fun than going alone. All my interactions with the David were also good.


Great job mate and well done. Saw your vids on IG and looked like you smashed it.

shiiiit I don’t even do this lol. My no-water period is more like 18 hours.

I’ve never done the block press, been looking for a show that has it! That’s pretty cool.

absolutely. I don’t even own ‘regular’ straps anymore. Figure 8’s for everything. Also, I’ve never seen a show that allowed straps on farmers, slick handles or not. If anything I’d just expect the weight to be lowered. But, this is strongman, never know what to expect!

Those are heavy bags for a local show! Wow!

I think this is the dumbest strongman event in existence, and I hope it dies soon. But awesome time, lol.

And that carry medley is fucking brutal, but I love that.

Great work!

I did drink some coffee and got a glass of water at bed because I was too light.

I don’t know for strongman. I’ve done highland games in the past and this didn’t seem very difficult.

The wheelbarrow in this one was even dumber because it was uneven dirt. You end up zigzagging every time a wheel hits a hole. And it only got worse as the event weight went up.

To be fair it was a plat+ show. I expect it to be heavy

That definitely makes more sense. That sounds appropriate for a plat+.

Dumb question, what is plat+? I don’t see information about contest levels or anything anywhere.

plat plus shows aren’t all that common, but it basically just means they’re a path/qualifier to the Arnold amateur in Ohio. You have to have enough competitors in your division for it to qualify though.

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