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Maltodextrine For PWO?

I’m trying to mix my own PWO. I’ve been reading that dexrose and maltodextrine are better carbohydrates to use that fructose (grape juice) or cane sugar.

The problem is that I’m not finding any bottles in my local store labled “Maltodextine” or “Dextrose.” However, the bulk foods section does have Malt Extract, which is used by home beer brewers.

Is Malt extract and maltodextrine the same thing?

Malt Extract is not the same thing as Maltodextrin.

Malt Extract provides the color, body, and flavor in home brewed beer.

Maltodextrin is also used in the brewing process, but is added just before the beer is bottled, in order to enhance carbonation.

You can usually find Maltodextrin in bulk at any homebrew supply store. Try googling for local brew stores, or looking up local zymurgists (homebrewers).

Before I started using Surge, my PWO shake was 75g of Malto + 25g of protein powder + a kool-aid packet. Same basic principle.