Quick question: if you buy plain maltodextrin powder to mix w/protein powder, does it have any taste at all? I know it isn’t flavored, but I guess I am asking if it is sweet, no taste, etc. Thank you for any and all help.

I tried it, expecting it to be sweet, but it actually just tastes kind of starchy and bland.

Thanks. That is what I was wondering. If it’s that bland, it would probably overpower any flavor from protein powder…

I actually found that glucose polymers/ maltodextrin added taste to my protein powders. The extra carbs seem to sweeten my whey up a lot.

I order mine from supplement direct and it makes my protein shakes sweeter.

Cal :slight_smile:

I also ordered some maltodex from a brewing company and got some glucose from a chinese shopping mart. I mixed the two with some designer protein (strawberry) and the taste was pretty damn good!!! Like a strawberry shake. The only problem was that it was fairly sweet. By the way, does anyone know of where I can get a good brand of BCAA’s that are in powder form?