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I am currently following JB’s Massive Eating program. I want to add some maltodextrin to my PWO shake to get a sufficient amount of carbs. Does anyone know where in Canada I can find straight maltodextrin? Nobody seems to know where to buy it.

beer/wines supply stores. ALso, online…

I tried to track it down last year but came up blank a ton of times. I was told to look for Powerade, but it has to be the powder not the bottle, but has little luck with that as well. PM me if you do find either.

Good Luck

look harder. shit you can get it in the supermarket if you dont mind buying smaller amounts and paying heaps.
easiest way is to find a home brewing section in the supermarket (or even a brewing store) and pick it up there. alternatively get some glucose/dextrose.
also note that there are a few different spelling of maltodextrin, depending what country it is sourced from (variations in our stupid language we speak)

If you need powdered Powerade…wouldn’t powdered Gatorade do the job as well? I simply mix protein and gatorade powders together for my PWO drink

definately home brewing companies, just go in your phonebook and start calling, some sell it some dont. I get mine for 5bucks canadian for a kilogram just to let you know how cheap you can get it instead of buying powerage etc. peace.

Gatorade powder has dextrose, not maltodextrin, not sure about the powerade though. The dextrose would still be good post wo though too

go to a brew your own beer/wine store.

gatorade and powerade are NOT the same thing as dextrose/maltodextrin

gatorade is sucrose and fructose

I cant say what powerade is right now, something similar

Maltodextrin is sold in a 2.2 pound tub by a company called “super nutrition” here in BC for 9 bucks. Also, corn dextrin is just as good and can be found in the bulk section of Save On foods, or maybe some other grocery store.

Thanks for your help guys, I’ll check out the wine beer and wine stores.

Gatorade in powdered form is mainly dextrose. The boittled stuff has a differnt forumulation. Bizarre.

Most brewing stores don’t sell malto as it isn’t fermentable, but they can often order it in for you from the same suppliers that get them dextrose.

yeah newdamage, like greatwhitehope just said, the gatorade powder uses mostly dextrose. I’m not sayin it IS dextrose, and it is different between liquid and powdered form, the liquid is what uses the sucrose.

For all those in Vancouver:

There is a little brew shop at the bottom of Commercial that sells Malto and Dextrose in bulk.

For $6 Cdn., I bought enough Malto/Dextrose to fill a container of GROW to the brim (4KG)

…Oh, and try not to spend the savings on the hookers that frequent the area!

I just ordered 5 pounds of it from vitaplus

Where in canada are you? In nova scotia just about every supplement store(e.g popeyes) sells malto, dex and most other types of sugar at cheap prices.

That’s becasue Rob is the man down there in Hal-town.

guys, the back of powdered gatorade lists sucrose first. That means sucrose makes up more of the powder than dextrose because they list ingredients in order of greatest to least.

I looked the other night, to make sure it still wasnt the right thing post workout, and it was still sucrose, followed by dextrose

maybe I’m missing something

I’m in Lethbridge. I’ve checked all of the supplement stores, and a bunch of pharmacies as I know that some pharmacies carry dextrose - no luck so far.

Just phone the beer and wine stores that sell wine making supplies and they will have dextrose for sure but may not have molto. I just bought both at a little beer making store in Calgary - Canyon Meadows drive and Macleod Trail (Fish Creek shopping center)

Good luck