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Is it ok to take an MRP with maltodextrin before sleeping? I’m specifically talking about Twinlab’s FuelPlex. It has maltodextrin as it’s main carbohydrate source (22 g) and although it also has 40+ grams of protein in addition to L-Glutamine and ZMA, I was wondering if the malto would cause unneccessary fat storage.

Not to ignore your actual question, but… ZMA should be taken alone or at least away from calcium. It’s generally a bad idea to put it in a protein product or anything else. Twinlabs was just using the old kitchen sink trick for label appeal. Next, glutamine is worthless unless you’re sick. See recent T-mag articles, one by Mr. Barr. So it looks like that’s a bad MRP to begin with, regardless of when you take it.

Fuelplex probably isn’t the best choice for pre-bedtime protein because it is all whey if I remember correctly. You probably want something that digests slower with a blend of proteins.

Before I started using Surge, I used to use maltodextrin as the main carb source in my post workout drink (it is also in Surge). It will give you quite a big insulin spike, so it’s probably not the best thing to drink before bed.

A few things I have read talk about drinking a good mix of fast absorbing proteins and slow absorbing proteins before bed. Some studies showed that fast absorbing proteins usually give you a positive nitrogen balance for 4 hours, slow absorbing for 7. So if you drink a mix, the fast absorbing protein keeps you going for the first 4 hours or so, and the slow absorbing for the next few hours.