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MaltoDextrin Vs Gainer


Hey guys,

I'm going for a bulk but I want to cut sugars as much as I can. Alot of the high end gainers have MaltoDextrin as the carb source and a low sugar count, which is great, but expensive.

Should I just buy a container of MaltoDextrin and mix Whey, and Flaxseed oil together and have a higher quality lean gainer shake?

Also, I know MaltoDextrin is a complex carb source with a high GI. Should I worry about much fat gain/storage since it's digested so quickly?


Why is this great?


It's great because I'm not looking for a PWO shake where sugar is needed. It's more of a meal replacement and a source of calories when I'm on the go and I can't get a meal down.


2 Scoops Metabolic Drive
2 Bananas
1 Cup Oats
1-2 Tbs. Flax

My favorite weight gainer, and trust me, I drink plenty of them to know.


How is maltodextrin better than sugar in this case?

The GI for maltodextrin is 137, whereas sucrose is about 90.


Try it and find out. I mix malto and whey, but no fats for my weight gainer. Whenever i do, its my breakfast or 2nd PWO shake. I do notice gaining in size, and for the most part relatively less fat. The stuff is cheap, so go for it.


The GI for maltodextrin is 137 ? Which maltodextrin though, there are lots.


I'm using something called Gold Metal Carbs ... contains

INGREDIENTS: Maltodextrin, Yielding the following Glucose Polymers: Polysaccharides, Oligosaccharides, Dextrose, Maltose


Good question.

Which maltodextrin is used in most supplements like this?


Well it depends, it should say really but it does not always.