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Maltodextrin Vs. Dextros

I currently take 75 grams of maltodextrin and 50 grams of CFM Whey for my post workout drink. As of late, I have read that most people are putting dextrose in there post workout drink. What is the difference between maltodextrin and dextrose? Thanks in advnace for your knowledge.

A 50/50 blend of glucose and malto is best according to Berardi and others. This is what Surge has.

malto is a longer bond, and has little flavor. dextrose is small bond and has a lot of flavor. if you were using pure whey protein isolate you would most likely need to use the dextrose to cover up the flavor. Biotest surge is the best protein drink i have ever had and i still don’t know how they got it to taste so damn good. laters pk

Dextrose is just another name for glucose, it needs no further breakdown in the stomach or liver to be absorbed, it is (chemically speaking) instant energy - which is exactly what you want for a workout drink: rapid absorbtion. It is also very sweet.
Maltodextrin, however, is a glucose polymer - serveral glucose molecules linked together. The chains DO need to be broken down into individual glucose molecules to be utilized as energy (and for this reason it is considered a complex carb). This can happen fairly rapidly, though as the glycemic index for m.d. is very high (i.e. causes a very rapid increase in blood sugar). The basic disadvantage to maltodextrin is that it is not sweet, perhaps only faintly. It tastes much like corn starch, from which it is derived.
Skip the maltodextrin altogether and just use dextrose - tastes much better.
In fact, you’ll note that Surge does not have that much maltodextrin in it based on the nutritional facts. According to Grain Processing Corporation (the largest manufacturer of grain products in the US) states that 100 gram serving of maltodextrin only contains 7 grams of “sugar”. So… you do the math.

As always your advice is appreciated.