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Maltodextrin, Enough to Do Damage?

Recently bought muscle milk to take as a pre bed time and an occasional mrp. I like the idea about the mct’s and the concept of “naturally” producing more creatine. However, upon reading the ingredients, I found that it contains maltodextrin. I know that some products put a neglible amount in, for example the animal pak multivitamin product I take contains maltodextrin, but given that it has 1g of carbs, I figure there can be no more than 1g of maltodextrin in.

I follow the Berardi eating plan of separating fats and carbs in meals, and have a hard time thinking that I might be including something as high on the GI index as malto with all the fat content of muscle milk. Any insight into this is appreciated.

In the ingredients Maltodextrin is listed after cocoa powder, so there cant really be a lot of it.


Bump… i want to see what a few people have to say.

Damage? It’s 1g of carbs, so of course it can do major damage! If you drink that every night, all those carbs might add up to a pound of fat in 2 or 3 years!!

Don’t take any chances, send me all your stash of MuscleMilk, I’ll dispose of it safely.

Sorry for not clearing this up…the 1g I was referring to was the reference I was taking to the malto in Animal Pak. It says on the label 1g carbs, and being a small amount with basically a mulitvitamin I am not concerned. This example was meant to mean that there is no more than 1 g of malto in this. However, in Muscle Milk, it is 12g carbs I believe, 2 being fiber, 6 sugar, which means the rest, the staggering 4 grams that it is might be malto.

I’m not meaning to obsess over this , but I am just not a big fan of high gi carbs with lots of fat. I was simply wondering if this amount was trivial or in worse case scenario if 4 grams was enough to get the insulin soaring.

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[quote]speedy5323 wrote:
… 1g … being a small amount … I am not concerned.

… the staggering 4 grams that it is might be malto. [/quote]

Could you indicate the exact point between 1g and 4g where you become “concerned?” I’m guessing 2.79

I’d go with trivial.