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Maltodextrin and Whey Post-Workout?


Would 30g of Maltodextrin ("NOW Carbo Gain") and a scoop of Whey do the trick?

And would this be both pre- and post-workout?



whats you current weight and your goal?


I am 175, looking to bulk up. I am a college student. I understand about the importance of diet and a good training regime; just wanted to check regarding the post-workout drink.


add another scoop of carbo gain. thats too little of an amount to replenish your glycogen PWO. also if money isnt an issue you should look into supplemental l-leucine.


Carbo Gain and whey is fine, it's basically the same as what 90Z% of ppl who are using any kind of pre-post workout nutrition do. Double the amount post-wo. Given your size and situation, don't over complicate things.


The amounts given were fine to start the recovery process and halt catabolism.

As for Maltodextrin and Whey.. this would be the MINIMUM one would do for Pre/Post-Workout nutrition these days IMO.

And if you are looking to gaion size - why limit the doses to a scop each? Supersize that shit man.

FWIW, I haven't used a single scoop of when in a shake for years now.. But that IS me, and that doesn't go for you necessarily.

There are better CHO choices, and if you are looking for size - get the calories in and the PWO shake is an EXCELLENT time to gorge.