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Anyone ever heard of using malto-dextrin in their protein shakes ? I was reading an article in SI about Nomar Garciaparra. He used this with his protein shakes twice a day. Evidently beer brewers use it to make their beer…

What’s maltodextrin?? I’ve never heard of that before…

Maltodextrin is in alcohol, and many foods. It is actually a derivative of milk and also a carb. Look at the ingredients of most carb drinks and it will be the 1st or second in the list. I do not believe it is as high a quality as glucose polymers for carb supply but it works.

Maltodextrin is just a tasteless straight carb powder. It is generally used to make beer but is a very cost efficient source of carbs. And it is in most shakes made in our house, and we’re all huge, give it a try.

maltodextrins GI is about 150 (sugar is 100) So you should use it mainly after exercise in your post workout drink. Not instead of veggies.

First off I was being sarcastic, because this has been asked repeatedly. Secondly maltodextrin is a glucose polymer i.e. anywhere from a disaccaride to a trisaccaride. Each indivdual saccaride is either a glucose or a maltose molecule. Although some consider it a complex carb, because it is a polysaccaride, it is not. It is the slowest of all simple surgars to digest, and it has a high gi rating with a high insulin response. In general it is best used in a post workout drink, if you have been following T-mag you would know this. Otherwise, unless you need a large insulin response, I would not use it.

why would anyone consider maltodextrin an alchohol. I was under the impression that maltodextrin was a glucose polymer.

Maltodextrin? In a protein shake? what will they think of next? These kids and their new-fangled doohickies and beebops.

I believe Maltodextrin is used in wine not beer… It is used to sweeten the wine as it is not fermentable by wine yeast… who cares, right?

Maltodextrin is two glucose molecules connected by an oxygen.