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Mal's 10x3 FFL Log

Age: 22
Height: 6’1"
Weight as of 4/27/08: 242.2

Deadlift: 10x3 - 150lbs
Chin-Up - (Assisted - 42lbs assistance) 10x3
Front Squat - 10x3 - 90lbs. First time doing these, made my wrists uncomfortable, I can pump out higher weight next time, just wanted to be sure of my form today.
Dips: 10x3 - bodyweight

HIIT Cycling: 10 minutes. 60/30


This workout left me very very hungry.

Training looks good mate. Steady eddy!


Thanks Koing.

10 minutes of jumping rope… took me 20 minutes.

Yesterday was entirely doable, today reminded me of this: http://www.penny-arcade.com/comic/2008/4/16/

I am also much more sore than i anticipated being.

Diet: http://www.fitday.com/webfit/publicjournals.html?Owner=Maleficus&Year=2008&Month=3&Day=28

Day off.

Diet: http://www.fitday.com/webfit/publicjournals.html?Owner=Maleficus&Year=2008&Month=3&Day=29

Still sore.

[quote]Maleficus wrote:
First time doing these, made my wrists uncomfortable, I can pump out higher weight next time, just wanted to be sure of my form today.[/quote]

Looking forward to following this. I started about 3 weeks ago, but failed. Failed by choice. I had a lot of yardwork to do and did not lift. Still losing weight though. Anywho …

This is how I do my front squats. This has some alternative methods to holding the bar:


How is the jump rope going? I weight the same as you, just 2 inches shorter. I couldn’t get past 5 minutes without severe calf cramps. Yes call me pussy, but they hurt for a week.

[quote]Maleficus wrote:
Day off.

Diet: http://www.fitday.com/webfit/publicjournals.html?Owner=Maleficus&Year=2008&Month=3&Day=29

Still sore.[/quote]

Unless you’re not logging everything, your total calories are quite low. Really low. Really, really low. My wife eats that much and she is not big by any means.

This is how I do my front squats.

jump rope is hard as hell, but i did it for the full time, like I said it just took quite a few breathers.

As for the diet you quoted, i add for as I eat it obviously, the day is still going, so my calories will be more on par with the other days by the end of the day.

Thanks for the reply.

There’s [obviously] nothing wrong with your hand position, but you mentioned that your wrists hurt. Just suggesting different ways that’s all.

Squat: 10x3 160lbs
Row: 10x3 70 lbs (unsure on form here)
Romanian Deadlift: 10x3 70 lbs (Absolutely positive I am doing these wrong [that’s why the weight is so light])
Press: 10x3 90lbs
Walk/Sprint: 10 minutes 60/30

These workouts are destroying me.

Day off


good luck with it! i ran the program for 3 weeks and the 10x3 deadlift is definately draining! had me sweating after a couple sets. i couldnt stay on it much longer because i got bored. 10x3 is just not my thing.

Jump Rope: 11 minutes. i jumped for 12, although it probably should have been like 14-15. I did a lot better today, but still didn’t jump the whole time.

Diet: http://www.fitday.com/webfit/publicjournals.html?Owner=Maleficus&Year=2008&Month=4&Day=2

Day off

Diet: http://www.fitday.com/webfit/publicjournals.html?Owner=Maleficus&Year=2008&Month=4&Day=3

Progress check in the morning.

Hang in there man… I’m actually wrapping up my 10x3 next week…

Results? Ok… nothing stellar…

Lifting 2x wk is actually less than my previous program; however, I decided I need to mix it up to promote gains.

I’m down 37lbs to a BW of 241.3 as of today.

about 5 of those lbs are from the last 3 weeks of 10x3… but who knows perhaps when i swap back to my old program my #s will be higher than before and my smile will go from ear to ear as I continually burn the fat from my orca-esque body.

Good job man keep it up.