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Maloney (D-NY) Used the N-Word



I thought that they where the party of tolerance?


Not trying to hijack, but did you happen to see this?


Yes I did.




I think he said it best in his follow up.



Oh. I thought she called someone it or something. Not intelligent for a politician to do.


I didn't know that was posted, thanx for putting that up John. Also, did you notice how many times he called her maam, and she didn't throw a shit fit, compared to when a Military General said it.


The left in power hate the military. They know that if they ever got close to there take over the military would step in. It scares them.

I will be surprised if she stays in office after 2010.


Her and Feinstein are horrible. I am so glad Mr. Alford called her out on her bullshit, straight up she is full of shit.



Out comes the tin foil hat brigade.


Not my fault if you can't see socialism creeping its way in.


So where's your militia bunker? In the basement? Or does your regiment have like a set meeting place you divvy up the water and porn?


If you can't see socialism creeping in its either denial or sever retardation. There is a little something trying to be passed by the left called Socialized medicine, maybe you have heard of that?


I bet you know about one of those things.

Buy a vowel John S.


So now we attack my spelling, I am sorry I forgot another E on the end of severe. So now that's out of the way, how about you tell me that Socialized medicine is not socialism, or taking over GM is not socialism. I am waiting.


Also recall how they voted NO to a bank bailout. Then in a week held a second vote and passed it. The people have spoken (the basis of democracy) and they blatantly ignored. There is no more real democracy. They have proven that democracy is an inconvenient concept and can be suspended and put on "hold" when the adults need to get something done.


Why even call it the N word and not nigger. I'm sure wop, dago, honkie, etc., hunky, homo. retard and everything else is offensive to someone. It's not appropriate in polite conversion to call people, especially racial slurs.

There are so many other great names available such as dumbass, douchebag, ass turd and so on.


Hey why don't you just move over to Europe? I think you'd like it there.


I'm sorry that I think it ironic and funny when someone accuses me of "Severe retardation" but the spells the goddamn phrase wrong.


Oh no, an other example of politicians not meeting our saintly expectations...what am I to do and think now?!