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Hey, i’m new and aspiring to get abit of build about myself. Perhaps even in a couple years of hard work, education at this gift of gold website and treasured advice derived from years of your own experience i may have a body to be proud of.

…i’m not completely starting out new(contradictory sorry ?_?). Now and again i would do thee odd bicept curls (the weight i’m on now is 20lb dumbells likely pathetic for my age and in comparison to what you’re doing but hey everyone has to start somewhere is that embarrassing for my age? 17)i played football too so i would say i’m pretty healthy.

Anyway i’ve been reading various T-Nation threads for weeks now and have been putting on weight to work it off and grow muscle. Well that’s the idea, right? I feel i am completely malnourishing myself with eating all this meat, pizza, cheese, noodles cereal and it’s showing too, i’ve notised a pot belly, it’s as if the fat isn’t going anywhere else around my body so in essence i’ve turned into and pardon my French when i say this a fat bastard :o)

how would i go about getting that weight to all different areas of the body? i see pictures of dudes backs and i could grab a handful of meat lol can grab a handful of meat from my fat belly but not other areas. Any advice would be appreciated


Check out John Berardi’s articles for nutrition (to help u lose fat & gain muscle)
& check out articles by Christian Thibaudeau, Charles Staley, Chad Waterbury, etc for exercise plans.


Oy, sounds like you need to learn about proper nutrtion.

Read the following articles and any articles that are linked in them.

7 Habits of Highly Effective Nutritional Programs

Massive Eating Reloaded, Part I

Massive Eating Reloaded, Part II

Power Foods http://www.musclewithattitude.com/readTopicMwa.do?id=1534394

Also you might want to give us a detailed list of what your weekly training routine looks like.