Malik Shabaz...

did you guys hear this man’s diatribe on wednesday night? sticking up for bin laden while using the terrorist attacks to fuel the new black panther’s visciously racist agenda? it makes you wonder just how much hatred and bitterness these people must be carrying around with them to feel the need to stir up the ghosts of slavery and reopen the wounds of americas checkered past. i simply do not understand their point of view.

we all know that america participated in the slavery of blacks and the oppression of many different peoples, but as a nation we work hard to learn from our mistakes and move on.

america isn’t perfect, it is a work in progress and always will be. kevo

Reportedly, “Shabaz” used to be a “lieutenant” of Louis Farrakhan, but was considered too much of a nut case by Farrakhan and was sent packing. In other words, this guy was judged to be the extreme fringe of the extreme fringe, and not welcome even among them.

This character represents only a tiny band
of nutcases that is of no importance to anyone except themselves.

However, it is highly hypocritical that when
a speech like this is given in a major public forum, the media gives it no play when they consider it “protected” leftist speech, but would surely make it headline news for weeks if it came from a group the media opposed.

Being a non-American, the vast majority of my observation of your culture is via electronic media, especially tv. I could never understand why some US blacks focussed so much hatred on europeans. Yes, their forefathers’ slave masters were white. But it was also the same people who fought for their freedom, gave them their freedom and later fought against their own for justice, equality. And the fact that their forefathers’ own people SOLD them into slavery in the first place and to MUSLIM ARAB SLAVE TRADERS seems to have escaped some of the radical African Americans over there. SO why do so many of these radical African American leaders become muslims, the same people who bought and traded them as slaves in the first place?
All I can say in the end is that compared to other cultures, western/northern european society and culture is the least racist of all-try going to China where they don’t even consider Africans as humans.

Also consider that the vast majority of Americans of European descent, their ancestors didn’t come to the states until after the Civil War. I certainly don’t subscibe to the “sins of the father” philosophy, but the fact that all of my ancestors waited for the Civil War to end to immigrate absolves me of any and all guilt. The fact that many Africans were sold into slavery by other Africans is a well known fact, but in their defense their concept of slavery was somewhat less brutal and you could earn your freedom. That doesn’t make it better, just something I wasn’t aware of until recently.

These Malik Shabaz types are rediculous. They bitch and moan about slavery and all the injustices they had etc… Guess what Mr. Shabaz, your people aren’t the only ones who’ve had some hardship in the world. Every race, culture, country has has some shit to put up with. Irish, Italians, Jews, Hispanics…everyone. Our ancestors have all pulled out of the mire of their lives and made it here by becoming a useful part of society. You’re type hasn’t. And you’re bitter. And you know what? I’m Irish. My ancestors delt with famines and cultural injustices and as much shit as anyone else, but guess what? I don’t go around talking about it. I don’t expect handouts, and I don’t bitch against anyone who has ancestory who fought with my ancestors. Why? Because thats absolutely fucking assinine!

Coupla points here…the original Black Panther party completely disavows the so-called “New” BPP. They are adversarial to each other.

The problem with people like MS is that they misuse the fundamental and necessary right to speak criticially within, and about, our own nation. Without a doubt, there are some legitimate grievances, historic and current, that can be made regarding our country. But when people make is with such bizarre and irresponsible rhetoric, it weakens the general support for free speech, and it also damages the efficacy of more reasonable criticisms that can be made subsequently. It causes us to “scab over” and become hardened against critical diatribes, which makes future activism by deserving interests poorly received.