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Male Strength and Voice Are Related




Right....so Mike Tyson and Ronnie Coleman have voices that indicate strength.

That article provided absolutely no information as to HOW they got these findings.

Is it me, or are "scientific news paper articles" becoming more and more full of shit lately?


Did they test any mutes lol.


LOL - Mike Tyson immediately sprang to my mind as well.

And if this theory had merit, you would expect James Earl Jones to be able to beat anyone in a fight and squat 1500 lbs raw.


In college I was described as having a deep, booming voice. Some girls called me on the phone to talk because they loved my deep voice.

I was 5'10" and 145 lbs, weak as a kitten.


What an awesomely hilarious/cool image in my head with that...see Darth Vader squatting 1500 lb. in the voice of James Earl Jones "WHO'S YOUR FUCKING DADDY NOW LUKE SKYWALKER!!"


Hell, most of the guys I ever knew with REALLY deep voices weren't that big so I can see why pitch and tone are not used in whatever method they came up with.

I'm a decent sized guy and my voice is pretty mid-range. Then again, I have a habit of speaking "lighter" so I don't scare the shit out of people. I call it my "professional voice" because I can get real loud anywhere else.


^That or "Bell Atlantic...the Heart of Communicaaaaaaaaatttiiiooonnnnn"


Let me repost the quote from the article, maybe that will clear up the confusion:

Let me do it again:

Okay? Good now?


You mean, after I wrote:



X - I think he was referring to Bob Parr.

And I agree with you, without saying what it is that causes it, this "study" could have been completely fabricated and no one would know the difference. It's freakin' worthless.


does the article say what common key factor (regarding their voice) the subjects with upper body strength all shared? They said it is a mystery which means they are unsure of the shared commonality which means the fucking article is crap.


Intriguing. Lets consider this.


That article gets a tl;dr, so what aspect of voice is indicative of strength if it's not pitch, amplitude, etc etc?


I feel like this is relevant.



Also, another reason this is complete and utter nonsense is because weight training results in strength increases but doesn't change a person's voice in any way.

Besides, I've done a study on this myself. Using my sample population of 1, I've concluded it's the pitch of one's voice that determines their "don't fuck with me" factor. And if anyone disagrees with my findings they can talk to Michael Duncan Clark.


LOL, if it's NONE of those things, then what aspect of men's voices were they comparing? RESONANCE? So, the late opera singer Luciano Pavarotti must have possessed super-human strength, eh?

Either this study was pure crap or the media report about it way missed the mark on what the researchers were actually getting at. The latter is not uncommon, you know.


I don't know, he sounds tough, and he'd fuck you up with a lightsaber. Might be something to this.



I wonder what they would think of me, my voice makes Ben Stein sound interesting.


LMAO at people who read science journals