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Male Physique-Girls Want vs. What Men Want to be



Pfft...they want Zane, they just don't know it yet.


HOWEVER this is not what TVixens prefer. We've got a whole thread in SAMA. We like big strong guys.


People knew who it was. they were biased by more than the physique.



Status is worth ridiculously more than looks. Most of those guys looked good, and most girls would 'prefer' any of them in certain circumstances.

I did find it interesting that the consensus seemed to be that too lean was undesirable, but BPIFC was pretty fucking lean, even if you can't really tell in that pic.


Like the one commenter said, women don't know what they want.


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Women like men with two and only two somewhat equal-sized eyes, nostrils, ears, arms, legs, penises, feet, nipples (well, who am I kidding? a discreetly-placed third nipple usually flies) and hands. It's preferable if you have at least a rudimentary understanding of the same language, and of course you can't be retarded, wheelchair-bound or poor. Or incarcerated, most of the time. Or alive. Well, again, not ALWAYS I suppose. I guess you can't really be ravaged by STDs either. You probably should have a car, or an even-tempered horse. I think that just about covers it. This is pretty much all you need to have any chance with women. Anything that men have or do on top of this is just icing on the cake in the mind's of most women. It's just a matter of whether you like women who eat a lot of cake or women who don't even know what cake is.


Oh fuck they're Canadian...




I actually have an article upcoming on T-Nation about exactly this.

Gives some guidelines.

I'm curious to see the reactions, now.


89.2% of women say that a man taking care of his health is important to them

How many of those women take care of their own health? Good food, no smoking, regular exercice, good sleeping patterns, etc.


Those same women claimed they wanted a man who effortlessly was in good shape. In other words, they spoke to the average clueless woman. Brad Pitt spent a hell of a lot of time in a gym to look like he did in that one overhyped movie....yet they want a man who puts no effort into it.

They want fantasy.

Who cares what unrealistic people want? It isn't REAL.


Let's be honest aren't most people (men included) clueless when it come to things like health, fitness etc. Do women / men really understand what Mr. Pitt did to get into that shape? Do they realise that he probably pumped up for an hour before that money shot? This IS the fantasy' that people actually look like this without any effort lol

TV, magazines and movies have sold us a dream that has shaped the way we think. Compare Marilyn Monroe or Bettie Page with some of today's pin ups! Marilyn would be considered fat today??? Even though most guys would give their left nut to bang her...

We all want fantasy or at least wanted fantasy at some time in our lives. So reality is something that only sinks in when people have 'actually' spent some time living! I bet most surveyed haven't lived much' probably too busy watching X-Factor, Americas Next Top Model, The Bachelor, Biggest Loser, Jersey Shore...



Women just like men (if not more so) are heavily influenced by the media that makes out guys are very lean and muscular without spending any time, effort and money to get that sort of physique.

It's a falacy and some woman are too immature to realise this. In fact pretty much anyone who hasn't spent at least a year training thinks it's a lot easier than it actually is to get big and muscular.

People tend to overestimate their own potential and under-appreciate other peoples achievments.

If you want a women that looks after her hot bod then chances are she'll want a guy who does the same.


I just saw this article as seeking justification for not exercising.

Big strong men are rare and I have yet to see women not get giggly around them.

But if it is true ..... more muscles for me. :smiley:


If you're trying to work the averages, be average. But even they write that while only 1% like the bodybuilder type (and that result is VERY flawed, due to celebrity power, tattoos and body language), there are few BBers around, so they'll be in demand.
conclusion: be what you want, be confident. they're attracted to the desire and passion, anyway.


hahahaha Zyzz is at the bottom right in the last image, overall male choice, that's golden


Women want Brad Pitt because he's good looking and most importantly famous. Taking the head off a famous Brad Pitt picture does not fool anyone, women still know who it is.

I bet if you were to take a less famous picture of Brad Pitt (but still in decent shape) and put an average Joe's face on it, and put it up against the chubby Gerard Butler picture, Gerard Butler wins due to fame.

Take the fame out of the survey for more realistic answers, and I bet someone with a body like Mr. Zane would not be in the bottom percentile.


Who gives a fuck what women want?


I saw a TV segment on body image where they went to a school and tried to "de-sensitize" kids to unrealistic standards set by media and advertising, etc.

Part of it involved showing pudgy adolescent boys photos of 'traditional' male models (meaning muscular) and pics of the new breed of underfed emo clotheshorses...

The truly retarded part was that the kids were being led by the nose through a debate which put muscular builds in a negative light (comments were made on the personalities of each model based on their look: "you have to be really vain to work out that much"; "it's unattainable") and the skinny builds were promoted ("he looks far more down to earth").

^ All that was to make the kids feel better about themselves. Which in and of itself is no bad thing, but these weren't airbrushed like the rest of the photos they discussed.


Its not surprising. This path to a less...well less manly man is just getting pushed and pushed to one side of the spectrum. What will 2020 bring?