Male pattern baldness

Bill, is there any tests that a docter could do to see if you have the genetics for male pattern baldness. I am going to be doing a test,d-bol,tren cycle stacked w/ some other stuff. Not too worried, it’s only hair. just curious. thanks joel.

If so, I don’t know of it (and if so, it would
probably be expensive.)

Generally, one concludes it empirically
(the loss is occurring) or from noting
male pattern baldness particularly on
the mother’s side of the family.

On the other hand, if everyone in your family has kept full heads of hair, you’re probably OK.

Why is going bald such a big deal? I’ll probably go bald when I get older…who cares? Male pattern baldness is so common world wide I’m suprised it’s such a big deal to anyone.

If I go bald, I’m just going to keep the sides and back cut very short (like my dad’s) and leave it at that.

I care alot more about stuff I can do something about (health, and fitness) than stuff thats genetic.

Is m.p.b. really that big of a deal to alot of men?


I personally could hardly care less about
thinness on top, but do prefer to have
the hairline simply I guess because it’s
part of my self-image: have always had it.
I wouldn’t like the idea of having the forehead
extend over the top of my head and towards
the neck.

roberts is correct, moms side is all that matters, if you go balb then SHAVE or atleast keep it short

No tests required. Just see if your mother’s father was bald and when it occurred if he was. Odds are this should give you a good idea of when you’ll become bald and/or how much hair you might lose. Baldness is usually prevalent in men with high levels of testosterone which sounds weird because DHT usually assists in having lots of hair. I guess a good way to explain it is this: The more hair on your body, “perhaps” the less hair on the head when you get older. The less hair on the body, the more hair you’ll “probably” have on your head later on in life. Hope this helps.