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Male Pattern Baldness


I didnt know where to post this so i decided to post in the forum of the most experienced and oldest t-members.

I have been noticing hair loss for 14 or so months. Scalp is now becoming visible, hair is really thin, and friends and family are noticing it. I have decided it is time to do something about it.

I stopped taking test boosting supplements a while ago and that helped reduce hair loss, maybe due to the reduced DHT? I also have tried Saw Plametto on and off with minor results. I think it is time for a more darastic and demanding solution.

I was told using extra strength Rogaine (5%) twice a day and shampooing with a Nizoral shampoo twice a week should help my hair regrow. I have read the websites of sellers of both products but their reviews appear to extremly biased, so i was wondering what feedback do T-members have on these products, or if they have any recommendations for better products.



What is basically advised as maximum treatment plan would be

-Nizoral or Neutrogina T-Gel shampoo,

-Rogaine 5%+Azelaic Acid,

-5alpha-reductase Type I inhibitor such as Propecia (or Proscar (off-label) cut in pieces) or Avodart (off-label)which blocks both types of 5alpha-reducatase (Type I and II) but is not yet approved for MPB (the marketing analysis implied that the cost to show effectiveness in studies and the difficulty to demonstrate differences in the mind of consummers between Avodart and Propecia would be too great and not generate enough revenues (because its the same companie that makes both compounds they would only be taking protifs from the Propecia line to the Avodart line even if pilot studies seem to imply that Avodart (dutasteride) was a lot more effective at reducing DHT and stopping/reversing MPB.

Hope some of this helps,

Rogaine is supposed to offer some initial results which eventually go away as time goes on. A 5 alpha-reductase inhibitor can have some sexual side effects (that usually resolve with time) and some gyno in some men. It also increases plasmatic testosterone upwards to 10% if I remember correctly.

But then again, its the only really effective therapy medicine has too offer that seem to be effective with little observance problems like Rogaine.

Saw Palmetto for the moment has little evidence behind it of effectiveness, an being a natural product, you actually have no idea of what amount of active ingreadient there is in it, which might be up and down as a function of batches or might simply not be in sufficient quantity to block the enzyme to reduce your DHT levels sufficiently to stop/reverse MPB.


There's really not much you can do about it. I tried Rogaine for awhile, and also tried some kind of shampoo -- I don't remember the name of it, only that it smelled very strongly of mint.

I started shaving my head about six months ago, and have had nothing but positive comments. It was hard to do at first, but I realized that I wasn't fooling anybody.

If you have the head for it, shave. Women love it.


I started losing my hair in high school.. by the time I was 18 my friends started noticing it.. by the time I was 20 there was absolutely no denying it and I was wearing a hat everyday.. I was super stressed about it.. thought about it constantly.. obsessed about it really.. I would even have anxiety dreams about meeting girls who would laugh at my hair.. so when I was 24 I just shaved my head and honestly it made a huge difference in my life.. it sounds stupid I know.. but I went from constantly stressing about it to never thinking about it at all.. I dont know if shaving your head is something that will work for you or not.. but man.. Im so happy I did..


I started losing my hair when I was 18 and, like mrdav2u, it was extremely traumatic. I didn't think women would even want to be near me...the same drill mrdav2u went through.

I tried Rogaine for a few years and it worked well - the hair loss stopped.

Problem was, I got paranoid about whether my hairloss was obvious and I'd literally check myself out in any reflective surface just to make sure I looked "normal" and that the Rogaine was working.

Long story short, I got tired of the expense and maintenence of using Rogaine and stopped using it, so my hair loss started happening again.

Ended up cutting my hair really short for a bit, then shaved it off using a Headblade, which I highly recommend - www.headblade.com


Ha!Ha! like clock work this gets asked once a month. I can fully verify that that propecia works. I have read that proscar cut into pieces is also the answer but I am too lazy to cut pills.

This is the answer you need and i haven't had any of the so called side effects.

Both are expensive but Proscar cut is cheaper and you must do this continually - like forever!!!



Bottom line: This is about women right? What else matters?

I am sorry for your loss. I'm 42. When I was 17 my girlfriend started calling me baldy. I was terrified and devistated. By 19 there was no denying it and I decided I would not hide it, ever. I dated lots of women. I could have married several different women. I do not mean to brag but it is the game within that counts.

The world is full of women and you will meet and date many if you wish. Don't waist your money on treatments, spend it on books for your mind and food and suppliments that will help you get BIG. You will be interesting and physically attractive. Only shallow women will blow you off. Trust me.



Thanks for the responses guys. I am going to cut my hair real short.

Screw Rogaine i will just use that money to buy Alpha Male.


I wouildn't be so quick about ditching Rogaine. I have seen Rogain halt baldness in more than one instance. The key is getting it and using it twice per day BEFORE you lose a whole lot of hair.

It think this product is better at preventing more hair loss than it is at regaining hair you have already lost.


Yeah, I'm not sure Rogaine would help regrow the hair he's lost.

Like you said, it's more for people who are just starting to lose their hair. When I used it, I did notice some slight regrowth but they were more like baby hairs.

I used it for about 2 years and didn't notice the new hairs growing out any more than they were.


But...the good part is you didn't lose anymore! There is a lot to be said for this.



A friend who's losing his hair has used Rogaine and hasn't lost anything more than he normally would. For that it works great.

I just mentioned the baby hairs growing so the original poster knew Rogaine wouldn't necessarily bring back a full head of hair if that was what he was looking for.

Can't say anything about the shampoo, though.


Screw it. I knew from eighth grade biololgy class in 1975 that I was pretty much screwed. Both sides of the family. I'm not all the way bald and probably won't be but I started keeping it all but shaved about eight years ago and haven't looked back.

If there was a true miracle drug available today, I don't know what I would do. If there was a true miracle drug available 20 years ago.............

I would jump on it quick!

But the hair is gone now. People that bug you about it are shallow bastards. I love messing with "back bald" guys who are in denial. They look fine from the front, but nothing in back. I swear, one guy in my office always gave me a rash about being follically handicapped. He must never have looked at the back of his head. Finally I told him to check it out. He started shaving. He has a funny shaped head too, sort of ET looking! At least I have a nice skull.


Who's Rogaine? :wink:



Bald is beautiful


That was Nioxin, which reduces DHT on the scalp. I use this each day.

I also use Costco's Monixodil 5%(1/2 price of rogaine). This will help retain what you have.


This obviously doesn't help you now but their are some big companies working on hair multiplication techniques. Aderans is a Japanese co. who bought Bosley Medical(biggest hair transplant facility) and they are working on a product. Intercytex is a British co. who are about to begin Phase 1b for their treatment titled tricohcyte. During Phase 1a 5 out of 7 patients grew hair. Things are on the horizon and hair loss could be a thing of the past in a few years.


Todays Powerful Image i hope.


Anybody have any thoughts on Scalp Med? Is it just glorified minoxidil?


Yes I've been on it 6 months and its working well for me. It is giving me back my "adolescent" crown. My front hairline is perfectly straight again. And they're very helpful and knowledgable in answering questions. I used it though only after i saw their patient files. I'm not a sucker. So, yes - it works.