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Male Model Wannabes On T-Nation?



Sorry, I saw that in the new members thing.

What the hell is up with this?


sick abz brah!1


Im going to take a wild stab in the dark and say hes not straight.

The fact that he paid some photographer to do that shoot kinda tips the hand.




hm, will that be our future..i am scared..




duuuuuuuuude is that the Pwnerer?


And who will you be for us today Renton?

Well today, I'll be - TEH-PWNERER!!!



sweet profile; but whats with the little dude on it?

someone give that guy a carb!


Oook, you do know he outweighs you at a shorter height, right?

So a lean guy with professional photos signed up. BFD. At least his posts aren't trollish.


yeah hes 5'11 190, JJBarrett is 6' 195

but lol@ someone give him a carb.


Tell me you watch Pure Pwnage and I'll love you forever.


Lol, look at his facial expression... hes like "mmmmmmmmmmhhhhhhh"

The guy is in good shape however so more power to him.


That guy has made more physical progress than possibly 85% of the people on this site.

A whole thread because he might be gay?


That doesn't bother me.

That pictorial layout does. Too A&F for me.


You guys are brutal.


So that man wants to be a model? Let him. If it's what he desires then I don't see anything wrong with that.

Plus at that low bodyfat, he has more muscle than quite alot of members on this board.


He needs a haircut.


Trying to get first dibs on new members huh?


This is a pretty fucked up thread. Just pull this new member up and shame him on his first day here.

Like Zap said, you guys are brutal.