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Male Model Diet


What does a typical diet of a male catalog model look like?


Coffee and cigarettes.


I would guess its very different for each person since many approaches and foods work, and their diet may look very different depending on how close to a shoot they are. Way to broad of a question.


My college roommate was a model and ate just as much shit as I did. He wasn’t a low rent model either. He ended up moving to NY when he got signed.

I think you’re asking the wrong question. The question should be: what diet will support a specific physique.

It’d help to know where you’re currently at, body comp wise…


Likely a typical bro bodybuilder diet.


I know one who’s pretty nutritionally aware, gets in plenty of vegs and water, matches carbs intake to activity level, etc.

I also know one who basically eats like most elite college athletes: whatever the heck they want. In other words, they let their genetics (ie. facial structure and natural leanness, for models) carry the show.

So there’s some n=2 info, at least.