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Male Leg Crossing


Ok so how many of you sit with your legs crossed like a woman. I have allways felt that this isnt very manly but still I see lots of guys do it. The pic below is the best thing I could find. I feel like this falls right in line with the 2 minutes to higher T article that was posted last week http://www.T-Nation.com/free_online_article/most_recent/science_of_sex_two_minutes_to_higher_t .


Over time I have noticed a lot of tall, skinny guys that cross their legs that were probably of high intelligence but also extremely weird. Like borderline autism weird, or in one case, pre-schizophrenic weird.

Just some very unscientific observation on my part.

Edit: In terms of the article you posted, the crossing I describe fits with the contractive pose. Legs crossed narrowly, almost intertwined with shoulders hunched forward.

The way the guy sits in the statue in the picture you posted loks kind of relaxed and confident to me. Expansive in terms of the article in the way that his hand is draped across the back of the bench.


Eli I agree with your evaluation of the pic but I still find it weird when men sit like this. My wifes cousin is a high T man and he sits crossed legged and it blows my mind.


I definitely sit with my legs crossed once and a while, not while working but while sitting listening to someone or watching someone.

It doesn't feel "un-masculine" to me. Like the above poster said it sort of has an air of confidence and distinguishment to it(try to think of a nervous person sitting cross legged), just as in the statue the OP posted.


If your a dude and you want to cross your legs, you shouldn't do it the way a girl in a skirt would (the underside of knee or "knee-pit" ontop of your other knee). You gotta have your ankle ontop of your other knee.

Atleast thats how my grandpa sits and he hates homos :slightly_smiling:


Mick jagger often sits with his legs crossed and he is super cool is many ways

GOIng to attach pic for proof of his leg crossage AND his coolness


I can't believe you people are actually taking the time to think about something this trivial.


Is Obama super cool too?


Don't hate on us because are balls and cock hang low enough we don't squish them when we cross our legs.


Yeah, except maybe people's legs are big enough when they sit like that their lower legs go numb, maybe you should gain some weight.


Nice avatar.


I can't cross my legs like a woman, it just doesn't feel comfortable.


It is part of the whole package/impression. I wouldn't consider it definitively masculine/feminine. The guys (and statue) posted above look normal.

But this guy here, he looks feminine. But it's not just because of his legs, its his whole stance.


If you actually worry about this shit then you really are a pussy :stuck_out_tongue:


I can't actually get one thigh to sit nicely on the other... and my legs aren't even huge.

The only way I can cross my legs comfortably (and not for too long) is with the ankle of one leg on the knee of the other - man-style.


Def would never cross my legs. I've got 27" thighs and a set of high-swingin' balls.

Also, I noticed at a podium discussion that the Israeli ambassador was the only guy who sat without his legs crossed and he clearly had the most T in the room.

Sitting cross-legged is for women and puny politicians and talk-show hosts.


This, it's comfortable sometimes. As far as the other way goes, not really... hardly ever.



A high t guy sits however he feels like sitting. A guy that worries about how his stance makes him look is a pussy.


It has more to do with how big your thighs are than your balls, if that's what you were getting at. I used to be able to cross my legs when I was a kid. Somewhere along the way things got uncomfortable, and now I can't.


My junk/legs are too big to sit like that. I just tried it, it's almost not physically possible and is most certainly uncomfortable.