Male Fuel

Has anyone tried “Male Fuel” or any other sexual performance enhancers? If so what kind of results did you get? thanks

L-Arginine. Try 6grams on an empty stomach, 45 minutes before you get down and dirty. It has an uplifting effect to say the least. Also, use a few grams when you get up in the night, as it builds levels of it up in your body. I found this worked for me.

I’ve tried a few of those sexual performance enhancers before. To be honest, I didn’t notice anything. Perhaps, they work better if you have some sort of problem in that area. I was just looking for something extra, no luck.

thanks for the advice! Which brand of L-arginine do you recommend? Thanks!

Most of these over the counter sexual enhancers use Yohimbee as an active ingredient for sexual stimulation. In all actuality Yohimbee is a by-product of yohimbine, Yohimbine is a pescription drug that will increase libido to a degree in most males. The amount of yohimbine that remains in yohimbee is minimal and probably won’t yeild you any results. If you really want to increase libido try increasing your own natural T levels. You may want to try some of the Biotest products, ie… Tribex,…Androsol

Use any POWDERED form of L-Arginine, if you use the hydrocloride it might cause excessive stomach acid, so I use Arginine free base and add citric or malic acid in a 3 to 1 ratio (like 12 grams Arginine free base to 4 g Citric acid),

It helps to include Ginko Biloba extract and Ascorbic acid as well as some kind of Cholinergic like DMAE, also a dopamine precursor like L-Phenylalanine or L-Tyrosine (see powerdrive),
Sometimes L-Histidine with niacin can be useful (histamine is necessary for orgasm)

Actually, Yohimbe is an herb and yohimbine is the active chemical. Male fuel contains an extract of yohimbe and l-arginine as well as a few other things. Yohimbe/Yohimbine has been discussed previously on the board so do a search. The general consensus was that while yohimbe will work for men who have a problem, it wont do anything for other men. Viagra works for more people with less side effects. If yohimbe works for you i believe Bill or Brock or someone had said Twinlabs Yohimbe Fuel was a good quality product, but i could be totally making that up. I dont know much about arginine though.

Robert, Mike is correct in saying the Yohimbe is an herb. Still the fact remains that Yohimbine is extracted from Yohimbe bark and is not available without a perscription. It would take considerably large amounts of Yohimbe consumption to get the usual prescribed amounts of Yohimbine. The usual prescribed dosage is (3, 5, and 10mg, three times a day). Most people do find an increase in libido, some more than others. Viagra doesn’t increase libido it just provides a much firmer erection by increasing blood flow to the penis. The majority of individuals that use viagra will notice a difference even if you don’t suffer from erectile disfunction, and in many cases even your partner will notice the difference. I have used both products and can tell you with great confidence they both work for what they were intended to do.