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male form

calling all t-womem your mission if choose to
chance it is as follows find the truth. we the
male species have been led to belive it’s girth
over length for plesure of love-making for the female species.I was recently told it’s the shape of the male tool.IS it true that it/s all in the head? a female friend told me the best sex she had was with a man whose tool was medium in girth and length but the head was
large or mushroom shaped,she said as it went in and out it would hit her love-button as well as all the right spots,instant O’s. yours truly thought I was ‘in’ with 6.2in by over 5.75 thick ,don,t tell anybody.but the head of my tool is slightly smaller than the shaft so what.s the real-deal girls? CT QUICK TO THE T-LAB YOU MUST INVENT MUSHROOM HEAD FOR SMALLER T-MEN ASAP.

Also, ladies, what’s your opinion of a slight upward “hook?” Nothing abnormal, just a gradual curvature – I’ve been told that this is a plus. True?

I so did not want to know any of that…

I could wax poetic of the beauty of the male member in all it’s array of splendid attributes - but that’d only get me insulted by the more ‘enlightened’ types. Seems no one wants to openly discuss the more exotic items anymore. sigh Oh well, I suppose people will one day remember the fun that testosterone brings to the table instead of just thinking of it as an endocrinological workhorse for packing on muscle…(hmm, isn’t there something inherently appealing about packing muscle…in… somewhere…?).

Anyway, there’s no singular answer to your question. Unfortunately, every girl is different and digs different things. I can let you into my lil’ world, though. smile A mushroom head is nice, but not necessary. Girth is nice, but not necessary. Length is nice, but not necessary. So, you ask, what is necessary? Self-confidence…Turgidity…Assertiveness, bordering on arrogance…Reliability…Vitality…Intensity…Boldness. And yes, these are all characteristics of both the man and the member.

Now, on to the PC portion of the post.
While I’ve had great sex with rather well-endowed men, I’ve also had great sex with considerably less-than-well-endowed men. Size does matter but is not the be-all, end-all. Large heads are nice, but great 'O’s may be delivered by small heads as well.

Now the non-PC part of the post.
If I were to build my perfect penis, it would indeed have a head larger than the shaft. No doubt about it. It would also be attached to some 5’11", 220#, olive complected, chisle-featured, true T-man with a beautiful smile (and mind).

I have a pretty nice “hook” to the left. Care for any pictures? Karma? Demo, your upward “bend” is nothing out of the ordinary. But does it compare to the pleasures that the “hook” gives women? LOL!

Karma, that was well said. “Impressive, most impressive.” -Darth Vader “Ah I see your schwartz is as big as mine.” -Dark Helmet

Also fellow T-Men, if you are of average size (5.8-6.2 inches) then I’d be more worried about the size of your testicles. They’ve got quite a bit more to do with what makes you a man, even in bed.

As Karma states “balls” (figuratively) are more important anyhow. :slight_smile:

PS Thank god I’m average… lol

Mine forgot to grow. It’s the same size it was in kindergarten.

Ok, forgive me for this, but…Karma, honey, no need to look any further;) - this is me: 6’0, 212 lbs., olive skin with insane dimples and a light-up-the-(bed)room smile. Wide shoulders, narrow waist, and, going further south…a 7 inch mushroom capped member with an ever-eager upward arching curve - cute as hell if I do say so myself… A true T-man? Ya’ damn right! Yet what is the development of the body without the growth of the mind and a soul fulfilled?..Ok, ok, enough, enough I know. Karma, I just got such a kick out of the fact that your description fit me to a “T” (really bad pun, I know) that I simply couldn’t help myself. Yes I am shamelessly flirting, but why not - after all, you were looking to put your package together and here I was all along! Funny how life works out, huh?;)LOL… Bueno, hasta que hablamos de nuevo. Ciao, guapisima…

I guess I should let you know that I was writing to you - hope you catch it!..

Uhh, Nate, that was Damici with the “upward bend”. LOL. I didn’t even read the thread until today.

My bad bro! I think I’m beginning to see things. I swear I thought I saw you post. Oh man, maybe I’m getting old and going blind! Ha!

Nate Dogg: Can I see…can I…can I? Oh wait, I dooo see! Can I see again…can I…can I?! More money shot please! Oh, yeah…hon, didn’t anyone tell you that you could go blind if you wanked off too much? Guess it wasn’t an old wive’s tale. he he heeee

RS: And yes! Who could forget “the boys”? Such wonderful playthings, they are. And every girl’s favorite friend.

Fate28: Dios mio! Estoy sonando? Eres el todo que estaba buscando y esperando? Forgive my lousy translation but I think you get the drift. Can I just say daayuum boy! Where have you been hiding yourself?! You do sound yummy indeed.

For an interesting theory on the evolutionary aspects of the male member, grab a copy of the book “Sperm Wars: The Science of Sex”. The mushroom shaped head has a very interesting purpose that you might not have thought of. And the book is damn good reading, even if the science is questionable.

(Geez, now half the people on the forum know me by the shape of my member . . . )!

Heres a somewhat related question for the T-vixens…how long should a man last…until your in heaven I know, but how long is that, timw wise, give or take?

yummy indeed,…(long sigh) - Karma, querida, I must say this. Life is so good and I am not a man to ask too much of it, mostly to play my music, to laugh easily and often and for the health and happiness of my little girl. And then there are times like these. Times when one would want the landscape of the imagination to transpose itself upon Reality, and to have a wish, no, a desire, granted. Guapa, I’ll give you one guess as to what mine would be right now;)…You are a jewel, my friend, y te mando un beso rico, de mis labios a tuyos, or if you prefer - you can place it anywhere you want…Ciao, preciosa. See you around.

aKARMA KARMA KARMA too bad all females don’t shoot as straight as you’. the young T-dogs could do well to read and learn a thing or two’ those who don’t know it all anyway.NOW KARMA with your custum male member was that shape for form or fuction? still learning ----your most grateful student.

I’m interested in stamina as well. How long (time wise ;)) is long enough? Too long? I’ve been lead to believe there is a “too long”. I normally have at least 45 minutes in a session. I mean absolutely the least! And I know it sounds like I’m bragging but guys, fellow T-men/vixens, it sucks!!! I barely ever “finish”. I rarely find a woman that can go the distance with me and its very troublesome. I usually wear a woman out and often make them sore because of the length of time it takes me to get off. I hate it! I’d like to go 20 minutes or less if I could but it just won’t happen. Karma, since you are the only female posting on this subject, what is your opinion? Should I just look for a woman that can keep up? I would think it would be a very nice thing for that particular female. I mean it is a nice thing for all of them so far but I want to be satisfied too!!! Dam it! I noramlly have to go at least a hour and a half… and that is going at it the whole time, no foreplay! It’s mentally exhausting.

Okay fellas, you have got to quit obsessing over size. Karma hit it on the head, so to speak. Mushroom head is great and a little extra size is never a bad thing. I won’t tell you that size doesn’t matter, but unless you have the undersized member of say an 11 year old boy, you are fine.

The most spectacular sex I have ever had was with a man who, when erect, probably just hits the five inch mark. Very average girth as well. I have also had lousy sex with men who had giant curving spectacular cocks. Great chemistry, not mushroom heads, make great sex. Also, I must add that the average man will generally get a better blow job.

As far as how long you should last, well, that just depends. I generally only orgasm from penetration and after the first one I can pretty much just keep on going, so a 45 minute man can be a damn good thing. Then again, there are certainly times when a quickie is in order. And as much as I love to give head, my mouth can only last for about 10-15 minutes before going numb.

Being a g-spot girl, I gotta love a man with a curve.

Lastly, but not least, firmness. There is actually alot of variation from man to man. I will take 5 inches of rock solid steel over a third leg any day.

Yorik: Doesn’t the mushroom head produce some sort of suctioning action to expel a rival’s sperm? I’m not an engineer by any means (sucked at geometry even) but it’d make some sort of sense.

Fate28: Tienes una hija? Que bueno! Como se llama y cuantos anos tiene? Tengo un hijo se llama Juan; el es seis anos - siete en decembre. Y por los besos, los darme en mis labias, mi cuella, descendando de mi espalda todo la via a mis nalgas. Entonces, tu trastonarme y lo comencia de nuevo. :wink:

Old Iron/ RS: Form and function are fairly inseparable in my mind. And as far as how long a man should last…well, that’s not subjective at all! Only as long as I want him to! :wink: Honestly, RS, I feel for you and don’t know what advice to offer. Personally, I wouldn’t want a man to be thrusting around for a full 45 minutes to an hour and half. I’d get bored. I’m much more of the 3-5 times a day, 15-20 minute sessions kind of girl. I’d rather get woken up with a quickie, grab some nookie or a BJ for lunch, work out, have dinner, then go at it again, watch a bit of TV and hit it once more before bed. RS, you should absolutely look for a woman that can keep up with you. Sexual incompatibility is a horrible thing, everyone deserves better. (Ahem, Nate Dogg) I’d also look into why it takes you so long to get off. Do you masturbate? If so, with what frequency and how long does it take you to cum? What are your visuals/fantasies? Is there any way to incorporate these elements into your sex life?