Male Escort Service

I’m interesting in starting an individual male escort service and want to know if anyone has done this. What are the legal issues, prices, ways of advertising, protol, etc for this type of service. I’m 23 yrs old and its been suggested by several people for me to do this, and i’d appreciate any tips on going about it and making some serious money, which I can really use now being a poor student.

not speaking from experience, but I imagine that you could get mucho business and money from ritch old doods who “aren’t gay, but damn youre sexy, now bend over”

Yeah I agree with Freebie. There’s no such thing as a gigolo-it’s an immature male fantasy. How many good-looking young women would have to pay for a man’s company?

I hope you like older women, cause there are lots of middle aged women who would like an escort, I’m sure. The good part is, if you don’t mind going on dates with women twice your age, you’ll make buckets of money.

You really are asking for trouble with this one! No reasonably attractive woman would want to pay for escort services. You’ll end up with all kinds of weirdos and a few unwanted diseases to boot! Check out the post for other college job ideas instead. Money really isn’t everything.

I do like older women as well as younger, and I’m well aware a service like this would be geared for older women, no attractive woman in her right mind would pay b/c they can get it whenever from whoever they’d like. I get plenty of younger women but i’ve also have been getting hit on by a lot of older women, trying to get me in bed, etc, and and many are really attractive. I’ve had the suggestion from a few people that I should have a escort service, and it doesnt HAVE to end w/ sex. But in my area theres a lot of wealthy people that seem like they just want to have younger male companionship. I almost tried it Sat night when an older woman was trying to take me home with her. Then later when I left w/ my friend a diner waitress (i know) gave me her # randomly, telling me to call her. The service would be for companionship, not for sexual reasons. But, if something happens its based on adult consent and has nothing to do with the services :wink:

Great college job! Here are some pointers. Just make sure they understand that sex isnt included in the date. But if you are lucky enough to get the occational hot MILF… Fuck her brains out. Hope this helps.

So, let me get this straight. At 23 you would rather spend your time with older women who are paying for your attentions rather than going out with women who are more your age and interesting to you–for money. Realize that time spent “escorting” is time away from your own friends and relationships. After you have earned money in this field, do you honestly think someone your own age is going to want you after your illustrious career? Think again. Escorting usually implies sex, even with consent. Not too many nice girls want to end up with a has-been male prostitute. Think about it. Would you want a woman who escorted her way through college?

hehe… so you’d sleep with the attractive ones eh? guess what so would any young single dood, and for free. So to repeat others… wtf would an older woman need you for? cept if she’s really ugly…

I hear you freebie. But sometimes you can find the rare gem. You know the ones I’m talking about. She’s a MILF but has low self esteem because she’s not as pretty as she used to be… Dont even look at me like that. You know I’m right :wink:

Hey sassboy send me nude pics of your luscious bod and Ill send you some money.

Get the picture? If work slows down you start with posing for guys, then youll suck a dick for $100,000. But once youve sucked a dick its no big deal, and youll end up sucking dick for two dollars and a cheeseburger! Where does it all end!