Wondering if theres any OTC Products out there to help my endurance in the sack. I’m talking about pre-mature ejac., not energy wise

Yeah, it’s called Rosie Palms, aka JILL. Use her, she’ll give you endurance.

Go inject some dirty gear in your leg.


I would try visualizing Nicole Bass humping MuscleTeen.

CMC no that just makes you vomit!

Yes, that too.

I second Arcane’s suggestion. Nothing turns me into more of a sex god than a little bit of alcohol.

What you need is control, not endurance.

That’s what your girlfriend tells me, diesel har, har :slight_smile:

True, though, a couple of brewskies never hurt.

I read in some rag a long time ago that focusing on not contracting your “gluts”, and keeping them nice and relaxed during intercourse helps…

Men, I have tried everything, Rosie Palms 3 times a day! EVERYTHING, i’ve damn near gave up, I figure if anybody would know something, it’d be a butcha T-Men, any good advice would be greatly appreciated by me…and her!

Dude, you’re like a rabbit in heat if you are doing rosie palms 3x a day and you are a quick nutter. Damn man, you’re girl must do something special to make you go so quick.

Tried condoms?

Dude, aren’t you about 16-17 years old? I don’t know about these other guys, but when I was that old I was essentially an erection with arms and legs. Ah, the good ol’ days when I could whack it in just a couple minutes…but I digress…

Anyhow, as to your “problem,” you may just be stuck with it for now thanks to your hormones. Reminds me of an article I think TC wrote about being 16 and able to get off many times in a short period, but total TUT(Time Under Tiffany) being about 48 seconds…cant’ remember what article that was though.

My suggestions are to keep it well whacked, get your partner to get you off orally before you start intercourse, try strengthening your PC muscle(the one you use to stop urination…not sure on a set/rep scheme though ;-), but most all, practice practice practice…

There are drugs and treatment available for premature ejaculators, but at your age it’s probably just the hormones raging.

How about next time one of your teenage ‘roid expert’ friends gets some dirty shit from mexico you inject it in your dick head. You’ll even get a bigger dick as a side effect from the scar tissue.

Shark, it may be that your girl is just too sexy. Try having sex with a few fat chicks and see how it goes. I’ve found that the hotter the girl, the more she turns me on and the faster I bust. Conversely, booze plus a mediocre chick equals thinking of someone else in order to get off.

Seriously though, Trojan makes extended pleasure condoms with a numbing agent, and there are lotions out there that have anesthetic action. NOTE: if you don’t have this problem, but some girl convinces you that it feels “cool,” DO NOT listen to her. It will only lead to a frustrating 2 hour stroke session that is very anti-climactic.

I used to just jack on the car ride to her house. That usually worked…

But now I dont seem to have much of a problem… Just keep practicing.

“I used to just jack on the car ride to her house.”

You must have EXCELLENT coordination.

  1. Munch her box while you jerk onto the floor discretely. By the time she gets off you’ll have definitely shot your load and should be ready for round 2 (without her knowing). Just don’t slip.

  2. Switch positions so that the stimulus changes and you can regain your composure a bit. Having her suck it can’t hurt either.

  3. Practice keggels 3x10-15 once a day. BTW keggels are an exercise that help your dick stay hard like rotweiller. Contract the muslces that you would to stop urine flow for about 3-5 secs. for the prescribed routine above.

  4. Some sort of numbing agent like a cream might also help. Although to be honest the only people I know who do this use kizzle which I wouldn’t reccomend:-)

You should try those tantra exercises, involving relaxing your entire body, use really slow thrusts, and when you’re spanking off, try to extend the time it takes to cum each time.
Also, you could try using 3 or 4 condoms to reduce the pleasure.
Or, when you feel you’re going to cum, pull out and take a short break until you’re less excited and then go again.

Its not hard at all CMC. Just try to finish it at a red light. Hopefully theres no bigass trucks next to ya. Man, I used to do that all the time… That was back in the day.

Another little trick… when you’re going to cum, pull it out, and just let it fly w/o either one of you touching it at all. Then just go back to work… I think I saw someone do that in a porno when I was a teenager, and I always remembered it.

That and Sam Kinison’s Lick the Alphabet.