Male Dancers Vindicated

I posted a message on the forum a while ago
(couldn’t find the original with the search)
about me doing some male stripping in a womens
nightclub, and a bunch of you guys busted my
balls over it. Well Ron Harris’ Guest Atomic
Dog proves that there are prob a lot of BBs
doing that. Furthermore, he gave a very good
reason for doing it:

"'did you win?' 'In a way I did,' was my honest reply. I had, because I had dared to break out of the pattern of my predictable existence...' [more] 'Sometimes you have to do something to rattle the boundaries of that humdrum character that many of us unknowingly create for ourselves. Sometimes you just gotta say what the fuck."

I couldn't have said it better myself. You only live once - and you are only young once. I'm still young enough that I can still get away with doing something like this, so I'm going to do it while I still can. I'm not doing it for money, I already have a successful biz. I'm doing it for fun - and to jump out of my normal identity and character - to expand my comfort zone. Besides, having a bunch of hot, frenzied women screaming at you doesn't sound too bad to me. All of you guys who don't have the balls to do something like this is a shame, because when you look back at your life, the biggest regrets are the risks not taken. Peace.

Some of us don’t have your self esteem problems.

Ouch! That was low.

Naturalman: there is on old saying that when
someone (in this case you) goes around
accusing other people of something (in this
case, accusing every third person on the forum
of having self esteem problems), it is the
accuser who is the one with the problem, not
the accused. Too bad you’re so transparant
about YOUR self esteem problems that you feel
the need to be holier than though.

I have no self esteem problems. Wanting to dance has nothing to do with that. It has to do with the fact that I work 70 hours a week sitting behind a computer running a business, and if I don't go out and do something fun & wild once in a while, I'm going to go bat-shit crazy. I work hard, and I like that. But I also want to have fun sometimes. But maybe you don't understand that.

Male strippers are homos…hehe

to naturalman, I don’t think admiration or compliments from others makeing you feel good is the same as selfesteam problems, haven’t you ever felt good when you got a compliment?
anyway to Free, have fun and enjoy it. I never did it but I used to work at a big nightclub (I’m a bartender) and half way thru the night my shirt would be off (I was in realy good shape at the time, ok shape now but not the same) girls would do body shots off me, they would tip better (women are still BAD tippers!)and it was just plain FUN to have chicks hitting on me often. but one thing and I have no idea how good the club is that you want to work at, don’t expect all the women to be hot, most are not but the ugly ones tip better, and don’t expect men not to hit on you, take it as a compliment and don’t worry about it, even if the club does not let men in they will get in sometimes and they may do some things that bother you but just chill about it, no biggie.I am assumeing thats not what your into because of your post. and remember women are ALOT more touchy feely in strip clubs then men so be ready for that! anyway have fun. peace

Its also true that some of life’s biggests regrets can be those risks taken that did not turn out well and should not have been taken. That said, I do believe, as you do, that one should take calculated risks or their lives will likely be dull and unrewarding.

Bullshit. I say that stripping is not some “what the fuck” whim followed to “rattle life’s boundries”, but a real need for attention. Is that really the attention you need? I mean you are a man for Christ’s sake, women will not look at you the same way you look a female stripper. How many of these women did you fuck? How many of them could you have fucked any way? If they will fuck you after seeing you strip, they would do it any way. Real men don’t strip.

I don’t remember saying anything derogatory about male strippers and many of my friends are or have been in the profession. Still, I don’t know how it has been vidicated by Ron Harris. I would still feel to stupid doing it and I think I’ll find other ways experience life. This is not a flame I just don’t think male stripping has been vindicated in any way.

A good friend of mine stripped for years. He’s well adjusted and has gotten a lot more women then most of us put together. He did it in his early to late twenties. I guess they love a guy that could move. His stories about the Brazilian girls were the best. It’s one of God’s greatest gifts to make the hottest women on the planet the most fun loving heheh!

Do it. Yeah…Having a room full of women screaming for you, tipping you, and trying to grab your dick is just down right gay [sarc].

Sorry, people. I posted this message at 1am on
saturday after coming home from a club where I
was drinking. I very rarely drink, so it
doesn’t take much to get me smashed. Needless
to say I wasn’t thinking rationally, and was
rather successful at making an ass of myself
on the forum. Oh well! At least my drunken
posts weren’t boring! :wink:

The “gay” remark was sarcasm…this forum has no place for such foolish threads. Keep it real…training and supp. questions.

Do the girls really try to grab the guy’s dick?

Good stuff, Free Ex, I thought I was the only stripper on this site. I stripped for about a year up until a couple of months ago. I’m an engineering student, so it’s way out of my character to do something like that, but it was fun as hell. The best part about it was that me and my friend were the only straight dancers in the whole club most nights (probably about 75% of the male strippers out there are gay), which increases your odds pretty siginificantly, even for me. I disagree with you on one point, though - the biggest regrets are not the risks not taken, the biggest regrets are letting other people tell you what to do with your life and how to feel about what you’ve done.

Free Ex. or anyone else… I’m curious about how lucrative this extra ‘work’ is. Do you make a fair amount of money for how much time you put into it? And how big is the city you live in? I’m curious because I thought it would be a great and hilarious second job.

Go for it, live out side the box… as far as taking risks, it’s kind of a relative term… for some it’s a risk, for other’s not…

Regrets are for whimps, trying things build character and teaches valuable lessons, be it a good or bad experience… “nothing ventured, nothing gained”.

Max: I’m not really the person to ask about
making money from dancing. I don’t do it
professionally. So far I just competed in
one amateur night show. And I might do one
more. I only did it for fun; not money. It was
a lot of fun. I’ve heard that male dancers
don’t make a lot.

Man I wish this thread would go away. :-)

Dude, if you want to strip, then do it. Let’s weigh the options: Women in a frenzy over you and you get paid or you don’t because some people want to question your manhood on a message board. Um, you choose.