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Male cutting

Shawn my boyfriend after watching me drop 24lbs (2 lbs to first goal! wee) is now feeling quite bloated. He asked me to write up a “diet” plan for him. I’ve already written up t-dawg basics for him.
Now he doesnt need to loose that much, when i met him he was pretty ripped, he just got comftorable (as did I) and started eating pretty poorly.

My question is though, he works delivering, so from about 5am to at least 1pm (and some days as late as 6pm) he’s lugging boxes. And i mean BIG boxes(books for B&N or large boxes of jeans & other heavy clothing - it doesnt sound bad but i’ve tried to help him and every box is at the very least 20lbs and these light ones are far & few between), sometimes he has to lug furniture for companies too. Most of his job is lifting/carrying these boxes as he spends 90% of the day at one mall back & forth from the truck. Im thinking this is basically a daily 5-6 day week anabolic workout, and that we shouldnt get him lifting just yet & see how well he does with t-dawg & if we need to raise carbs to keep his energy up. What do you all think? Also, I imagine some of you do on the road jobs, how do you manage brining meals with you?

You can try T Dog or just have him eat like he did previously when he was ripped. The work activities will burn calories for him too but would not be anabolic per se because he’s doing “a light weight times a thousand reps”. Even though the boxes are heavy, they’re not, on average, 150 lbs. So, have him lift very heavy at the gym but do only a couple of sets per body part. Just my opinion.