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Male contraceptive '100% effective'


Here’s a little excerpt “the process also turns off the man’s own testosterone production - so he needs to be given extra doses of the hormone to keep him healthy and maintain his sex drive.”

Turn off my natural testosterone production!?

No thanks, I think i’ll stick with condoms.

Yeah, the funny thing about this is they are using testosterone (which I recall Cy or someone else here writing that it does work as a contraceptive due to that shutting down side effect, and of course has other values that guys would like) and progestin (ie female hormone that guys obviously dont want).

So yeah, I wouldnt want it because of that female hormone. Im not necessarily interested in taking “vitamin s” either, so that part really isnt desirable.

Vitamin S is hip though. Totally sweet.

So, basically a contraceptive that turns a man into a woman? Gee, that sounds like fun.