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Male Cheerleading Squads

I would hate for Testosterone to do an article on the cheerleading squad at Clemson University. We saw them at some competition we went to and they were queer as fuck. Thats why people think cheerleading is queer. They see those fags and think everyone of us are like that. TC should do an article on the training program of Kentucky or Morehead. Those are some big fuckers. And can tumble too. Would that not be the ultimate athlete. Someone who could pick up heavy shit and do flips. Can yall tell im drunk?

I’ve always had a lot of respect for male cheerleading. It takes stregnth, agility, and a lot of coordination. Don’t let the occasional homo stuff that’s out there get you down.

Damn, Goldie. When I first read the post without seeing the name attatched the thought was “Goldie’s gonna flip out.” Now the chances of that occuring are…marginal at best, I suppose. So do you always become a raving homophobe when you drink? I just advise you not to try any pyramids while intoxicated. Good day to you, sir. Lata.

MBE: “Conscience on crack, since 1455.”


Go to bed Goldie.

So…Goldberg gets drunk and he talks about cheerleading…just thinking out loud…:slight_smile:

thats about it. hahahahaha.

I think TC was just talking about cheerleading being a horrible topic in general to do an article about. He just happened to say Clemson I think.