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Male Beauty on c4


Possibly the worst representation/research of training I have ever seen;that shit I cant wait to see what they come out with next week.


completly agree..

the strongman was either edited to look stupid or is plain stupid.

is it just me or would the "chest expander" do very little for your chest, more back?

and as usual, no squating, all benching.



thats why i didnt watch it. i never understood those chest expanders either. i thought in the advert, the presenter pulled a deadlift?




Chest expanders = cable/band pull-aparts. Depending on your execution - lats/upper back and rear/medial delts.


so not chest like he was saying and trying to increase....

If you really want to watch it you could get 4od.. http://www.channel4.com/4od/index.html and watch it... but then again im not sure if you will be able to watch it if you live in the US.

Im still going to watch and laugh next week. He will be trying something else thats meant to turn you into a god in 2 weeks.



I looked it up on their website I couldnt find a link,I will keep checking it out though in case they put one.
The chest expander would do sweet f.a for the chest;and that "strongman" went to push 180 and failed half way, and then went on to say that he has done 190 before!
I knew their wouldnt be any leg work anyway.
Keep posting after the next one....its on Thursday 14th may @10pm


What are you guys talking about?


'Chest expander' lol what? You know it's something shitty just by the name of it.

What happened to ye ol' 'flat bench press', 'dumbbell fly's' and the like? Can't the god damn media people do some research before showing crap on TV?

Soon enough there will be morons outlining a workout with names such as 'hyper thighs expander', 'massive deltoids exploder', and 'hawt abz makers' and similar fancy shit.

I mean, damn am I the only one wanting to bitch slap the producers of this particular program the OP is referring to?


it was ridiculous, although when through his rattle out the pram in the gym was pretty funny.


i'm assuming it's some wangster brittish television show.


I only saw a couple of trailers, so I may be wrong about bits, but here in the UK, Channel 4 (a TV channel) aired a program called "Extreme Male Beauty" (link here http://www.channel4.com/programmes/extreme-male-beauty).

I think it's supposed to explore the apparent trend of men becoming obsessed with how they looks, things like male plastic surgery, lyposuction, gym routines, diet, etc.


Yeah. He's an average Joe looking to become (in 8 weeks) the sort of Adonis that appears in black-and-white photos on clothing packets (and Men's health magazine).

Worried about his man-boobs and wanting a big, defined chest he immediately thought "Steroids" and went to meet a (very unimpressively built) guy at a gym, who lifted and regularly injected. The presenter didn't like the idea of needles so didn't bother, but did try a stretchy resistance band thing for a few days. The end.


They've been around (and called that) for decades in the UK - it's not a 21st century crock of shit. The only sense in which it expands your chest is by contracting your back. You know, like a dumbell curl is a triceps expander.


That already came on? I missed it, I guess I should have set a reminder. The adverts for it looked funny though, it seemed like it was set out to be a "take the piss program" from the beginning, but I could be wrong.



It can't be worse than the "saddle" panasonic electronics sells.$2000 gets you a saddle that moves around while you lift pink dumbells.Kind of like a swiss ball I think.Two grand...unreal.


Its on again tonight people cant wait to see the shit come flying out of the screen;For the Americans that cant watch it at home I will post the show as soon as I find a link.(unless somone spots it before me feel free)
I will comment on the show at the weekend.
Take it easy.


Sorry people I didnt watch it,I started to but then when i realised it was all about penises and surgery on them I soon turned it off.
I will watch next weeks one though.



This should work for the americans...

The first link doesnt seem to work, but the second one does.. ie the most recent show.

I'll try and stomach it after the gym today.


Just watched the most recent episode before the gym...

Some interesting points.

The presenter seems to have grown his cock by 1/2 inch in 2 weeks by jelqing.

There was a dude who had lost 16 stone but was left with tonnes of loose skin... Something I found interesting as i am in the middle of a big cut. Started at 23, would like to end up around 16/17 lean. So i might have problems with loose skin. The episode was mainly about penis length/girth and how to make it better. Was a bit hard to stomach in parts.

They showed a preview of next week, it seems to be a good episode. Shows him training at a defranco style gym and getting screamed at by strongmen. :smiley: Although it does start off by saying he is spending the episode dealing with his abs, Dont know how strongmen, farmers walks, Tire flips etc fit into this unless he breaks from the medias "do 100 crunchs a day for hawt abz" stance.

Looking forward to next weeks episode.

Anybody else following this show?