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Male 5ft8 23Y/O Need Help Cutting


Hi guys this is my first post here and hopefully I’ll be here for a long time.

I was wondering if someone could advice me on what to take.

Atm I’m very unactive. I have literally killed myself and look like a fat ogre and it’s killing me.

I’m going to hopefully drop down to 155 lbs and then start training. Atm I am 220 so I’ve got a long way to go.

I was wondering should I do a cutting cycle or should I lose the fat naturally and then hop onto the juice

Thanks for the help


Before you get slammed here: You should lose fat naturally. And, you should modify your diet to lose those 65 pounds while training at the same time, not start training when you diet down to 155 – that’s just the stupidest thing I’ve heard.

Come back when you’re 15-18% bf, have a good diet, and good discipline to actually train and follow your diet for cycle advice.

Also, after reading your post, I must say, you just sounded depressed and unmotivated about life. You might want to check your T levels and see if that’s your problem. If so, TRT may be your solution.


Yes OP, I have to agree with what Baka said here. No Need at all for AAS use at this point. It would be a complete waste of time effort and money for you not to mention the health risks at your current stats. Do it natural. Get on a diet and discipline yourself to stick to it.


Thanks for the honest reply.

I am extremely depressed atm, I lost my job 2 months ago due to my anger and I’m going through a divorce. I know I’m young to be married but it happened and didn’t work out.

What also gets me is when I started training , I only trained for 5 months and I was out lifting most people on deadlifts and was putting on some decent size. Hair was thick, had what I felt amazing levels of test back then when I was 19 .

Fast forward to now I just turned 23 and I look like shit. My diet is terrible and I’m so weak it’s unreal.

I’ll see what I can do naturally till I’m 25 and hopefully stick to a good diet for 2 years and then when I’m ready I’ll pin to win.

Also recently I’ve noticed I’m getting bad heart problems. When I go to sleep on me right hand side it feels as if I’m putting all my weight on heart.

ffs I’m just depressed at everything in life atm but I know if I pin now my heart may not be able to take it as I’m in terrible condition.

I know this is a long time away but what should I take once I’m ready? I read the steroids for idiots so I have some understanding but I don’t want to gain bitch tits and only want to be like 175 or 180 for my height and frame.

Any more than that then I’ll look like a roidcel xD

I heard to go for non aromatising roids and only do injectables as orals are harsh on liver?

Thanks for the help everyone and I’m 100% srs.

My life is terrible atm I feel as if most women have more test than me I feel like a bitch and what’s worse is I know the feeling of being in good shape and strong and to come from that to where I am now is suicide worthy but I’ll carry on hopefully.

Thanks btw


Thanks I’ll see what I can do till I’m 25 then I’ll see what to do.

Thanks for the advice pal :slight_smile:


i wouldnt even recommend 15-18%…thats still a lot… an average college student who doesnt lift has that much…you have to be as lean as u can to get full benefits…id say 11-12% for best results.

additionally @OP, you need to post this in the diet forums, this doesnt belong here… and steroids should not be used for this… the fact is without proper knowledge of nutrition first steroids will not help u at all.


Thanks for the advice pal.

The thing with me is I know a good part about nutrition but I don’t practice it.


Honestly, everything that you wrote in this post is a reason NOT to take steroids.

If you are dealing with major life stress, possible psychological issues, have not been training, have no job due to anger issues, and are getting divorced the worst thing you could do is toss in another stressor like steroids.

Figure your life out first.

Settle your personal affairs, get a new job, start training again.

If you “know a good part about nutrition” - start eating right.

All of that should be sorted out before you even think about steroids.


Thanks for being honest and I know and agree with everything you said in this post.

well I just turned 23 now so I’ll see where I’m at when I’m 25.

Thanks pal


I guarantee you if you discipline your mind and body, within 1 year of lifting you will think twice about steroids again… the natural results of the human body are nice if you have discipline and take lifting as a hobby…steroids are for those who compete and take this shit serious, if your going to do 1 cycle… and stop… don’t even start because it really is not worth it, the benefits you obtain from 1 cycle you can gain naturally.


You should be able to make mad progress, gains, fat loss, whatever you wanna do until your 25 pal!!. You got youth on your side. Use that shit!!
Look the stuff that’s coursing thru your veins, the stuff that is referred to as “piss n viniger” in you young uns is the stuff man has found a way to bottle up and sell…online to folks like me whos piss n viniger stores are low to nil by the time I hit 40! Make the best of it while u got it is all that’s being said. Its hard to watch healthy young men come and get started on AAS and clearly didn’t need the stuff and then on HRT for life at 24 25 because their natty test production is permanently shut down. - Good luck!


Thanks pal I am going to give it 2 years naturally and see where I am.

I’m going to take them for other reasons not for vanity.

I know the feeling of going at it naturally as when I used to lift I was doing good.

it’s wholly my fault of what I look like and where I am in life.

I need to hold myself accountable which I haven’t for the past 5 years.


Thanks for the encouragement mate, much appreciated honestly :slight_smile:

I would have never gone on to the roids if I had carried on lifting like I was but some things have happened and because of my sedentary lifestyle for the past 4 years I think my test levels are non existent at the moment.

I don’t care if people laugh but I get emotional over the smallest things now. I’ll be sitting there and then it’ll hit me where I am in life and what in look like and I’ll start tearing up.

I am going to go at int naturally for 2 years till I’m 25 and then see what I’ll do.

I’m not after mass so i could do it without steroids but we will see.

Thanks for the advice pal honestly means a lot to me right now.


You probably shouldn’t use steroids ever. I’m not sure why that’s not really being addressed outside of ActivitiesGuy’s post. Literally everything you have said, from your depression, to your heart problems, to you stresses, to your goals, to the fact that you clearly know NOTHING about steroids, tells me they are not for you, and likely never will be. I think you will be doing yourself a serious disservice if you keep talking the way you are, saying ‘I’ll look at it again in 2 years’. Honestly, don’t. Don’t put that sort of timeframe on the subject. Just forget about it completely. If it makes sense sometime in the future, so be it, but for now, you need to wipe that shit from your consciousness completely.


I know pal someone already said the same.

I don’t have heart problems per se it’s just since I’ve put on a lot of fat I get out of breath easy and just living seems to be putting stress on my heart.

As I type this and I take a deep breath my heart feels weird and constricted.

I know I’m in no frame to take them atm as my life is a mess.

I know I need to get lean and be active in order to take them till then I’m going to do it naturally.

Thanks pal