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Malaysia Anyone?


I'm moving to Malaysia at the end of June and have a few T-Nation related questions for anyone who might be living there. Also, got any tips on the transition?


Yellow fever is awesome!


That's funny, I read it as malaria.


Korea for 4 years. Been there. There is no cure.


Somebody on the AD thread...Avocado...i think was in Thailand or Indonesia.


Well...I'm in Taiwan (which is north of Malaysia) and it's stupid hot and humid here in the summer. And not in any good way ( some people say "Oh..I like hot weather!" )we all do...but not like this!
Malaysia will likely be the same.


Well, I know about the weather. I'm more concerned about importing supplements.


apologies buck, i had hoped to get back to you sooner but there was a problem in signing up for my account.

long-term lurker and having learnt a lot from this board, this was one question i thought i could give something back to the boards.

a brit, i've been living in kl (kuala lumpur) for the last 4 years, and would be happy to answer any questions you may have.

i've ordered from both T-Nation (protein powder, and tribulus), as well as from bb (protein powder, multi-vits, gaba and others as part of a sleep stack thib mentioned) and not had any problems with customs... only downside was with the cost of shipping.

only problem i've ever had with shipping supps was a large order placed with trueprotein, which entailed wasting half a day at customs trying to explain what whey protein isolate was.

this may have been due to the size of the order, eight large tubs with one of the bureautards remarking in the local language 'we can't let this guy go without charging him for something', although the labeling isn't great on TP products.

locally there is at least one reliable source for supps which i have personally used (although for a larger order its cheaper to order from bb.com, even with the shipping).

any other questions, feel free to get in touch.

btw whereabouts will you be staying?


Klippy also have a unique take on malaysia, but seems to have gone awol.


Enjoy getting charged up the butt for shipping. I'm in Japan and its fuggin brutal. BB.com I believe is the cheapest interms of international shippign since they're freaking huge.