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Malanichev Squats 1036


Cup of Titans 2009, IPF rules was this weekend.

Absolutely sick. Belyaev did 937 @ 220 bw. Unreal.


Damn impressive!

Belyaev made quick work of that 937.

Thanks for the vids


He made that 937 look easy


damn, captain kirk reborn. did anyone notice the raven haired hottie watching him in the front row?


Malanichev Andrey has definitely hit depth... Andrey Belyaev is a little so-so for me. The camera was way too shaky.

On the other side of the spectrum: www.powerliftingwatch.com/node/10843 (none of these people hit depth.)

...And for the record, the highest PL squat I've ever seen was this one: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qwNlUTekYWA


They both hit depth, shutup.


Absolutely sick lifting out of those guys. Anyone who thinks they couldn't give the top multiply guys a go needs their head examined!! (well at least on the squat and dead, not sure about benches - think Belyaev does around 3x bodyweight tho!!).

Malanichev is jst a brute. That much weight should not look so easy!! He benched high 6's, pull 881 and had a VERY near miss at 925. One of the best in the world right now.

And Belyaev's

Nobody cares.


I just bust a nut.


Jizz in my pants


I would not feel safe with those spotters and that much weight!


Fantastic squat. Awesome! A thing of beauty.


These russians know what the hell they are doing apparently.


Just a matter of time before they get the records once they are reinstated, maybe at the World Games? Belayev weighed in at 100.05 to make the meets minimum weight limit and his squat still would of got him the 110kg WR (and Ed Coan's 100kg WR if he had been able to go 100kg).


Holy SHIT he made 470 look easy!
And I was thinking the same thing about the spotters, they looked a little wiry.


Doesn't really matter when you're a lifting robot who never misses weights!

And isn't Belyaev just the most impressive lifter of the past few years?? Like freydun's sick at 100kg, but the bench is really his best lift and considering how easily Belyaev pressed 290 you could almost see him passing Freydun on that as well.


Hey Hanley, you do Sheiko right? How often do you switch exercises?... Is it even necessary to switch exercises when you're in a sheiko program? Thanks.


1) No

2) You don't have even the slightest idea how Sheiko works if you're talking about switching exercises

3) Go away


That is just sick.

Now they just need to do that outside of Russia...


Not to mention the top IPF totals for both those classes too.

I think Hanley is spot on here. Belyaev really is one of the most impressive guys around right now.


When you actually see it live, it's a lot more legitimate. I was lucky enough to go down to Big Iron Gym this past Saturday and I got to see Cartinian, Frankl and Acome train. Let me just say that it was very impressive seeing a 181 lber parallel squat 940 in training, and then go to 1025 with reverse bands. If you've never seen it live, you will probably never truly understand what the multiply lifters are doing. It's a lot tougher than 'pulling on a suit'.