Malanichev Broke the Raw w/ Wraps Squat Record Again

He did 1,058 at the WRPF Asian Powerlifting Championships. Is he the greatest SHW of all time? Gotta be between him and Reinhoudt at this point no?

He makes it look so easy. I wonder if he’s ever failed a squat lol

I think if you fail a squat in Russia you get executed by firing squad

haha, probably why it looks like he always leaves 50-100 lbs left in his tank! I mean seriously. He did wabble a tad bit, which I’ve never seen him do, but come on man, challenge yourself lol!

The prevailing theory is that he gets paid each time he breaks the record, and that it doesn’t matter if he breaks it by a pound or 100 lbs. So it would make sense to leave as much in the tank as possible, and have more opportunities to re-break the record, if this is correct.

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I know Russia would pay out Vasily Alexeev in this manner when he set weightlifting world records. Based on the fact that powerlifting doesn’t bring the national clout of Olympic Weightlifting, and that Malanichev broke the record by 11 pounds, i would guess that probably isn’t the case here.