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Malanichev 450kg Raw Squat


heaviest squat ever done without a suit.




Impressive strength, but he chose the wrong federation (ie. if he wants to compete against non tested lifters, then lift in a non-tested federation). He is suspended for life in the IPF:



no question on depth either there...awesome job....

Was it just me or was the crowd a little "meh" considering they just saw the heaviest raw skwat of all time?


That's fucking crazy.


Ya it crossed my mind. I would of probably be hollering after seeing that feat.


Absolutely nuts.

P.S. anyone else see the topless card chick right at the end? that's gotta be good for a few extra pounds :wink:


He walked that out too.




Why is this not as famous as Mendelson's 700lbs bench and Bolton's 1000lbs deadlift?


Holy fuck, I want that shit at our meets! lol

Obscene strength


It just happened


When you squat 900+raw every womens shirt in the room magically disappears.


That would be a great superpower.


TBH. I would have expected a lot more posts in this thread already... Seems like if you don't squat high, nobody cares enough to post a comment hahaha


Lol. You never realise how many comments are just nitpicking until someone does a squat that is impossible to nitpick.


No-one seemed to give much of a shit when he did 470kg in single ply, and got 480kg turned down on depth.

I'm gonna go with him not being a US lifter, very little being available about his training, and him being deliberately kept out of the limelight due to the whole doping situation (He ended up getting booted from the IPF for 2 positives).
I hope he gets as recognisable as Kirk or Coan. He's an awesome lifter, and barring injury he's on track for 1100 in single ply.


Btw, he also posted a 507 bench press and an 816 deadlift for a 2315 pound raw total




pretty sure thats the best raw total ever.


That should be right next to badassery in the dictionary