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Malanichev 1047 Squat


This is awesome. Also Belyaev deadlifted 391kg in battle of champions, breaking Coan's record, which stood for more than 30 years.


Cant wait to see what he puts up tomorrow at CAPO


IS it just me or did that look like he wasn't even straining that hard? What a Monster.


I thought he said he was going to be in attendance but wasn't going to lift?


I'm offended at how easy he made that look.


And I am suffering with 190 kg, and I consider myself strong(weak as fuck).


Ya I guess so, i just found that out last night watching the live feed. Was excited to see him go up against those guys.


Great lift but agree with the tube comments that it was not to IPF depth and his wraps only squats are better.
He also seems to be stagnating since doing those monster squat one or two years (?) ago. Could be wrong though.


those thighs are bigger than my torso...


I thought he looked like he could have got it for a second rep if he really wanted to.


He is one of the best squatters of all time. Such a monster under that bar!


Big lift


Wow. David Gest is one strong mofo.


seems like the ipf guys squat narrow..whats the deal with that???he squats fairly narrow too.