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Making YouTube Vids?


Hey gang,

Is there a fairly easy way to make videos to put onto YouTube, aside from getting a digital camcorder? I have a digital camera with a video feature but it doesn't do sound, and I'm looking to overlay some audio/music/whatever onto some movies. I 'm working on an Imac G4 (with OSX), without imovies.

Would it just be a whole lot simpler shelling out for either the imovie program or an actual digital video recorder?


iMovie is the simplest way to do it. Thats how I finalized my T-Park movies. Its free and is included on the OSX disks.


If you don't have it download it here.


Thanks for the link, man. But I don't have the imovies to begin with. I'm not using a laptop, and I think it was just upgraded to OSX (if that makes any sense).

I guess I'll take a run over to a Mac store in the mall here and pick it up. I was just looking to cut a corner or two. Thanks though.


Colu, its FREE. Thats the link to download it for free.


I think that's just an update. I followed the download instructions and it closed itself out after giving me the message "iMovies 4.0 could not be found in / Applications"

Unless I'm a total bonehead and it's floating around on my computer someplace it shouldn't be, but I don't ever remember seeing it.


Yeah thats just the update! DOH! What a dick I am!

Its supposed to be free with the system. Did you or someone delete it?


If you don't have it but iLife. $80.



Nice. That definitely looks like it's going to be a belated Christmas gift to self. :slight_smile:

Thanks man.

As far as already having it, no, I don't think it ever found it's way on here. My girlfriend's kid actually did the update from 9.whatever to X, so maybe I can blame him. :wink: