Making Your Workout Fun

I was thinking how important it is to keep your workout fun. And for me, I don’t really care to do the ‘lifts.’ I rather go out in the yard and pull/push or pick up stuff. Kind of like strongman training. I’m mostly interested in total body strength, not body building.

Has anybody successfully switched from doing lifts? I just want to pick up some ideas on what I can do to get stronger without pumping iron, and having a lot more fun.

FUN is of A 1 importane to me, good thing I love to lift but like the stuff you listed as well. Make it something you like and you will work harder without even knowing it therefore the pay off will be bigger. Just go do fun heavy shit.

I would also suggest getting Dan Johns DVD’s Carried Away, and well all of em. They show a TON of get out side and have fun hard heavy stuff.

Also look for like minded T-People in your area and get together like we did in DC. Just go lift a bunch of stuff drag stuff think of new and interesting ways to torture one another.

best of luck,

Fun is not important.

It is THE most important aspect.

What good is a scientifically balanced and 100% optimal work-out if it is boring and you start skipping a work-out here and there after a couple of weeks?

You like to work outside? By al means.

However, perhaps you’d find it stimulating if you go for the big lifts once in a while.

A training routine has to be fun. But, if it’s fun doing it and then you don’t get the results you are after that pretty much takes all the “fun” out of it for me.

So…fun yes, but effective also!