Making Your Own Protein Powder


Lurked for quite awhile. First post here.

Me and about 10 friends are interested in making our own protein powder. Retailers charge between $8-10 per pound of whey, and you can purchase bulk whey from dairy suppliers/co-ops between $2-5 depending on quantity.

Has anyone experimented with making his own protein powder?

I’ve noticed that the protein mixtures all have soy lecithin and xanthan gum in them. These act as an emulsifier (assists in dissolving protein in water/milk beverage) and a thickening agent, respectively. Most also have sucralose, stevia, or some other sweetener in them as well. Anyone experiment with quantities of these ingredients?

Finally, anyone experiment with cocoa powder or flavors to make the product tasty?

By going this route, it’s definately economical, and who knows, maybe we can start a private-label thing going for local gyms/health-food stores!