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Making your Own Mineral Water?

I’m interested in doing this to get a boost of magnesium, zinc, calcium and bicarbonates. It’s just something I’ve always wanted to do.

Does anyone know how to do it safety?

I was thinking to use Epsom Salts to dissolve it into the water, but are they safe to drink?

Not really sure about the epsom salts, but I have read about people using 1/2 teaspoon of Himalayan sea salt per gallon of water. Supposedly it contains 84 trace minerals

I was checking out the PUR faucet water filter box and it says it adds minerals. Not sure which, though.

Aren’t epsom salts also used for constipation? I know my container has instructions for that as well. So I’d assume safe to consume, just my thoughts anyway.

Drops of Trace Minerals. Found in most health food stores.

As mentioned, Himalayan Sea Salt. Lots of videos out there on how to do it.

Check out the store. ZMA and Elitpro Minerals.

Epson salt? Use it in a bath to get rid of toxins. Don’t drink the damn thing.

[quote]JFG wrote:

Epson salt? Use it in a bath to get rid of toxins. Don’t drink the damn thing.[/quote]

This. I tasted a little espon before a bath once and it tastes like something you shouldn’t be eating.

My epsom salts just arrived. I diluted a quarter of a teaspoonful in a litre of water, drank it, and now feel a bit queasy. Not sure if that’s just placebo, though.

I understand that as a laxative you should consume 2 teaspoonfuls of it at a time. I was hoping a quarter of a teaspoonful per day would not give the laxative effects whilst at the same time providing you with 25% of the RDA of magnesium…?