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Making Your Legs Smaller


So, this is a question for you Coaches/Trainers out there:

Many times T-Men want to get more muscle, in fact, thats kind of the point of this forum. But, I am not a proffesional bodybuilder, and maintaining large amounts of muscle is not realistic, or desired. In my case I am a former athlete (just finished wrestling in May) looking to change my physique. I want to get smaller. In High school I was about 217 lbs. when I won my State Championship. After that I gained 50 lbs on mass, and wrestled Heavyweight (up to 285) in College. Now that wrestling is over I have been dieting down and am about 230 lbs. One issue that I am having is that my lower body is not proportional to my upper body. This is largely due to the fact that it was an advantage, as a wrestler to have more mass in my lower body because I had heavier hips. I look like I weigh about 200lbs with my clothes on.

So my question is what are some techniques and strategies to slim my lower body down, while not loosing a proportional amount of upper body muscle or even building more muscle in my upper body?




Wouldn't you just stop training your lower body and continue to train upper? Or, have I missed something?


Now over the past few weeks there have been posts made that can be deemed "questionably appropriate" for the bodybuilding forum.

BUT this thread is just straight bullshit. This thread is asking for advice EXACTLY OPPOSITE to what this forum is supposed to be about.

And since I am not a coach or a trainer I can't answer your question.


V-Diet bro.


Simple. Don't do volume work with your legs. Do heavy singles, doubles and triples. Just use Squats (plus different variations) and Deads. And just do allot of cardio so at least your legs stay in shape.


How so? Does Bodybuilding not include making your body more proportional? As far as I know Proffesional bodybuilders from back in the day paid a lot more attention details of proportions. Likewise, if not here where else do you suggest I put this thread? This is a thread about improving the aesthetics of my body, which in turn is part of bodybuilding. This is the right forum for this thread.


I agree with you, this is a great technique. But, I assumed that this was common knowledge. I was simply asking for more advice, such as to set/rep schemes or changes in the loads I'm lifting that might change the composition of my present muscle. Perhaps I wasn't clear enough.


Yeah but for most guys here the solution would be to keep the wheels and get the upper body on the same level.
Do whatever you prefer, but I d love to see your "massive" legs.


Well just train legs with same sets and reps but less weight. Very simple. Not Rocket Science. Though you could just lie in bed for 2 weeks and do bench Press, Pullups and Dips only. Put your Bed in the gym's Powerrack


Their not massive, but disproportionate. Likewise, I stated that I was trying to continue to slim down, and increasing the size of my upper body would not help achieve this goal.


This would not change the proportions of my muscle mass, instead it would strip fat off of my entire body evenly.


Alright bro. I'm going to let you in on the big secret in mass loss that the pros don't want you to know about. It's a program called "small as shit: Low Volume, Low frequency, Low intensity." It basically requires you to completely stop using the body part that you want to atrophy.

For your unique situation I'm going to recommend that you Acquire a wheelchair and, just to be safe, some hand controls for your motor vehicle. Its going to be a tough road to shrinkage, but just think about how big your dick will look when your thighs are the size of your 8 year old sisters forearms. Good luck, man.


I Apologize for not using the search function more effectively, this topic has come up multiple times before and multiple threads have been started on this topic.


Just stop walking and using your legs preferably using a wheelchair and don't train your legs eventually they'll become smaller.


Find any female at your gym, and do their routine. It might suit your type better.


or you could become an marathon runner.