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Making Your Gear

Well, since it appears that my days of going to TJ are over(at least for now). It looks like I will have to find an alternative. The days of me being my own source are probably over

I pondered the idea of making my own home brew about three years ago(after getting screwed by the policia in TJ). Now, this might be the only way (or at least the safest).

I know how to make it and I am beginning to research my source. I am just wondering how many of you have turned to this method.

what are you talking about? Makeing fina or brewing from powder?


I am interested in some knowledge you might have.I am kinda in the same boat.


Bushido mod’s a board that has excellent powder recipes and some nice friendly guys on there that are more then willing to offer their experiance to help you out. Can’t post the link but if you asky Bushy he’ll tell you.

I have never used a steroid that I didn’t put into solution, and bottle myself.

It is by far the safest way to get AAS shipped to you. Okay - maybe the second safest as papers are the safest.

If you need any info. PM me.

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Ooops sorry Jack, you slipped my mind for a second. Could be because of that reach-around Bushy gave me the other day…man that Ninja has quick hands:-)

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