Making Whey at Home?

Hey T-Nation,

I’m just curious as to how to make whey powder. Anyone have experience with doing it? Links to info? Anything?

why would you make your own?

it comes from the left over process of making cheese, so that would be your first step.

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Step 1: Get a cow…

Step 2: Give up and just buy the stuff!

[quote]rrjc5488 wrote:
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I’d be surprised if you could get the equipment and supplies (and free time) for less than $20-something per month. Even if you did, unless it’s your new hardcore hobby, I’d expect the “fun” of brewing your own to wear off pretty quickly.

[quote]rrjc5488 wrote:
TMUSCLE STORE > Grow! Whey > add to cart > checkout > receive by mail.[/quote]

Best recipe for Whey.



I’m not allowed to experiment? I know Biotest is the shit

I just wanted the experience…chill dudes

thanks anyway teardrop

Making powder would be hard.

Making whey liquid would be easy, though I don’t know how to do it. But as Little Miss Muffet’s mom was able to do it, I am sure it’s not hard.

It may (may) be a question of just adding something acidic so as to curdle the casein. Or some other method that accomplishes this.

However, this would be sweet whey: you’d still be getting all the carbs of regular milk, but now only half (very roughly) the protein.

I don’t at all expect that separating the milk sugar from the liquid whey would be easy.

Bruce Lee made his own protein powder.

Home brewing FTW!! But yeah considering that whey (the actual liquid dripping from the cheese) only has ~0.6% protein in it I’d say it’s a very tedious process isolating that shit.

Lol @ the flaming.

you would most likely have to make some homemade cheese. Look up recipe’s they seem very easy & probably won’t need any special equipment. It’s the part that’s left over ex. milk sits on a cheese cloth & drips in a pot over night. The drip is what you use for cheese & whatever didn’t filter through is whey. Not sure how much protein is in there though. Then I guess you dehydrate the shit out of the left over whey, then crush it.

The people talking about making cheese are right, mostly… You make a yogurt, put it on cheese cloth, and whey drips out leaving you with a yogurt cheese and whey. This whey is highly diluted, and making a big batch of the cheese would take 2+ days for maybe 2 cups of diluted whey.

Unfortunately, without the means to make concentrated whey (it’s a chemical process, rather than the run-off process this one is), you won’t get much worth using. Then again, the yogurt cheese is pretty delicious, and homemade yogurt is always nice.