Making Weight - ?

In case you haven’t heard of it (not many people have), sprint football is lightweight college football (league consists of princeton, cornell, penn, army, navy, looking to add VMI in the near future). The weight limit is 172 pounds during the season.

Right now I’m ~177 and I’m about to head home for the summer, so I’m looking for recommendations as to how to phase my summer to enter camp at muscular 175. I was always that guy looking to put on size but now I’ve got to watch my weight.

How long should I consume around 3000 calories/day for before cutting down in order to make weight without any major problems of starvation or anything crazy in time for the first game, which is September 8th?

I was thinking about tapering my intake down to ~2500 calories/day for the last 2 weeks leading up to the start of camp (August 28th). Is that smart and do you think that will be effective?

continue eating as you are and up your cardio until you start losing weight.

the extra endurance boost will be good for you and you won’t miss out on nutrients.

it will be better to have a more strenuous work out program than calorie cutting diet in an athletic environment.

if you lose too much weight with the extra excercise, fill the gap with more protien and you will build it back in lean muscle.