making weight

I’m weighing in at about 229 and have to get to 225 on thursday. Should be an easy task, but I’m making weight for strongman nationals and I’m at about 6% bodyfat. Any good ideas or supplement info for me, without cutting carbs and affecting my strength levels.

Four pounds in less than four days. Cutting calories won’t do it. You need to shed retained water. Try diretics and laxatives. After the weigh-in, eat and drink like hell to regain mass.

Yeah, diuretics and laxatives before strongman would be a great idea!

Four pounds in four days is easy especially a guy your size. If you are unwilling to cut carbs then Id cut out all sodium, and take a few potassium pills each day, 99mg kind while doing this, and drink two gallons of water on day four, 1.5 day three, 1 gallon day two, 1/2 gallon on day one up to 6pm then sip as needed until weigh in. By loading then cutting back on water you will force your body for a short period to continue to pee and should pass 4 lbs easily. I weigh much less and can pass about 6lbs before weigh in for my shows.

Once you weigh in be sure to eat a decent amount of salt and water to avoid any cramping that would probably occur otherwise.

I dont believe in messing with diuretics other than naturals like caffeine, dandelion root and uva ursi, which you may want to try. Mess with the prescription stuff and you could be in the hospital if you dont know what your doing.


how long between weigh in and lifting? if they are only an hour or less then the diuretics/water manipulation may not be the best idea… if it quite a while then it should be fine and you may even get a positive rebound effect.

Just read you other post. if you have a day to play with just drop the ater then do a load (maybe even a creatine load to help you a long)