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Making Weight


I've been thinking a lot about this recently, especially since I've been putting on weight very easily (and quickly). Over the last month I've averaged a weight gain of 2lb/week using Marion's Training for Maximal Size. My gut is a little bigger, but when I flex my abs, they're only SLIGHTLY less visible. I think I've been having a good muscle:fat gain ratio (I think, as I do not have access to calipers). I'm guessing my bf% is around 13-15%.

Here's the thing. This morning I weighed 156lbs. I need to wrestle in the 145lb weight class, which means by mid-December, I have to weigh under 150lbs (so I can cut weight the night before - running in sweatsuits, etc, will drop the last few lbs the night before the meet). I want to be the biggest, most ripped 145 pounder possible, though. So, weighing at 156lbs right now, what would be a good idea for a bulking/cutting schedule?

I was thinking:
Bulk for 1.5 more weeks: End weight = 158-159lbs or so
Lower calories/maintain for one week (take an off week from the gym? I haven't had one in a while, about 10 weeks or so)
Begin cutting using RR&D 2.0 until December 1 (wrestling season), when I will have to find a new plan to weight tain, b/c I'll be wrestling 6 days/week.

Sound good? More or less? If I can do this right, I should be able to lower my bf% from the 13-15% range down to 8-9% in 2 months or so. Does this sound feasible?

Would any of you guys reccomend a different schedule to achieve my goals?

Thank you, you're a ton of help.


Interestingly, I've dropped as much as 13.5 lbs to make my 160 lb. crew weight. I imagine you could do 7 or 8 without much difficulty if you had access to a sauna.

To be clear, 13.5 was pushing it, but 8 never affected my endurance.



Hey man--

In two months you can safely drop 4-5% and not lose too much muscle. I think giving it two months is smart that way you wont have to do anything drastic that will zap strength. Id rather be very lean at 145 rather than be at 152 or higher and have to totally dehydrate myself to make weight. You will be weaker that way.

Ive talked to many former wrestlers turned bodybuilders and they have said they would loved to have had the knowledge they have now. They said they were always weak and dehydrated from trying to drop weight too quick.

Give yourself this time. Id say even go as low as 148 so you dont have to dehydrate. The more full muscle you carry the stronger and quicker you will be.

Post your cut down diet if you want so we can make sure you arent cutting too quickly. Id say about a lbs of fat a week, and that would put you at around 148 for the season and you can coast into each match. Good luck,



depsyphor: I think your goals are a bit skewed! If you truly love your
sport, then your training should be more "sport specific" and reflect it!
Stop training to look pretty; you've got your whole life to look pretty!

If memory serves me correctly, about ten years ago Evander Holyfield
was training for a major title fight. For some reason his training this time around more closely resembled that of a bodybuilder than that of a
fighter. And he looked great! Evander came into the fight with a BF well under 8% and got his ass kicked!!!

Next: If you want to make weight, then don't stray too far from it! Too
much energy gets lost this way!

Lastly: I was a hockey player growing up. And if I had to do it all
over again, it would be "Renegade" all the way! I trained like a
bodybuilder, and it showed in my game... (not good)! Today, having the hindsight, I'd pay for one of Coach Davies' sport specific programs.
(Think of all the crap you waste money on.) Renegade Training - it will
make you a lean mean fighting machine. But then again, I loved hockey
more than anything - not sure how much you really love wrestling?!


Upon rereading your post, I've made an error. If you're weighing in the day of, 8 pounds is pushing it. Five is plenty. We did ours the day prior, which allowed plenty of recovery time.



I weigh-in THE DAY OF, I have to weigh 145 in the morning. If I make weight, I get a 3lb allowance, and can weigh 148 by nighttime's meet.

I need to be around 147-148 by mid-December (I can drop that as water-weight).


I've also been taking creatine, so hopefully when I stop taking that, 2-3lbs will come off as the water retension leaves. Hopefully.

I weigh 17 years old, 5'8.5", and weigh 155-158 right now (I wish I knew how accurate my scale was, it is CONSISTENT but I don't know if it's accurate) at about 13-14%. I think I'll bulk for onemore week, then lower my calories from about 3,000 to around 2,000 over the course of one week. I have been doing 0 cardio, so I'll also incorporate 2-3 weekly HIIT sessions along with changing programs from Maximal Size to Ripped, Rugged, and Dense v2.0.

Thoughts? Suggestions? BTW - it's cool so many people here have wrestled. No sport tougher, but no sport more rewarding either.


I would begin a slow cutting cycle. The last thing you want, is to scramble to lose those last few pounds. It is a recipe for muscle loss.

I would also take joey Z's advice and start training for your sport. Joel's program is great, but not for a wrestler.